All Fish Contain Mercury. Where Do We Source Our DHA?

A federal study of mercury shared that contamination in fish is widespread. No fish can escape mercury pollution.  The comprehensive study tested more than 1000 fish from almost 300 streams from 1998 to 2005.  Mercury poisoning can damage the nervous system and cause learning disabilities in developing fetuses and young children. The source of this mercury? Coal fired power plants.

And yet …when we look at the benefits of nutrients sourced from fish we can not overlook the benefit,fish oil provides, specifically DHA

A child’s brain forms TRILLIONS of cell connections during the first decade of life. Not just millions or even billions – but TRILLIONS of brain cells.  DHA makes up about 97% of the Omega-3 fatty acids in the brain and in the retina.

The brain needs DHA to work.

DHA supports early brain and eye developement, brainhealth and normal cognitive function. It enhances memory, focus, concentration and attention.

Our chewable DHA contains 100 mg of ultra pure, natural DHA….It’s super important for kid brain power

and now you can have it without tasting fishy or any of that mercury stuff

watch this video

some of the info above sourced from nutrition and you

flickr image fishy kite

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