My Dog The Truffle Pig

Why do dogs bury their bones? Mine buries hers in my couch.

Why do dogs scuffle their front and back feet after they “go”?  Is that the “I did it” dance?

Why is it when she has to go she spins like the cartoon character tasmanian devil?

A trainer taught me to keep my dog on a very short leash when walking her. If I didn’t I’d have no shoulder sockets left with the twists and turns she takes.  Apparently it’s the ultimate to loose leash your dog – I really can’t until the end of a walk when she’s a little less ADD.  

There is currently a wonderful very long stretch of parkway that I let her loose leash along that is covered with a ton of autumn leaves. I adore shuffling my feet through it all.

She gets her super duper sniffing powers in action and is no longer a dog, but a truffle pig. She snorts her way from one end of the parkway to the other.
I often wonder what she smells along the way. Her “truffling” nose is hyper focused and very VERY intense.

Too bad we couldn’t find some truffles along the way – aren’t they like $300 per ounce or something ridiculous like that? Not to mention truffles are positively delicious.

What’s a truffle pig? A pig whose nose leads him to truffles, a rare and expensive underground mushroom.

Or in my dog eat dog world….
It’s my dog who leads me to nowhere, but down the parkway…with her nose.

my dog the truffle pig – pic taken by karen hanrahan

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