Sugar Destroys Your Health

What is the history of sugar consumption?

1900 – 10 lbs per capita

1985 – 124 lbs

2000 – 160 lbs

What happens to our immune systems at the holidays? Like from Halloween through Christmas?  These are  candy – centric holidays?  Here’s how it works. Lots of sugar = lots of colds and flu. This is immune dysfunction. Lendon Smith Author of Feed Your Kids Right distinquished sugar, white flour and all that snicky snacky stuff as “anti-nutrients” Why? Because sugar and white flour deplete nutrients to metabolize them, specifically they deplete nutrients needed for immune function. Sugar slows down the white blood cells swimming through the blood stream needed to devour germs, viruses, bacteria, parasites, cancer. Pretty dangerous stuff that sugar.

Sugar Feeds Candida Yeast. Candida are those nasty yeast organisms that grow rampant when given anti-biotics, steroids, or when the balance of the gut is disturbed even by a bout of diarrhea. These yeasty things attach themselves to the lining of the intestines and over time often poke holes in the lining leading to a syndrome known as leaky gut. Those with leaky gut develop all kinds of odd health challenges; everything from environmental sensitivities, food allergies, or headaches. Many conditions of illness and discomfort stem from an unhealthy gut. Guess what candida’s favorite food is ?? Sugar and white flour.

Sugar depletes B Vitamins. B’s are essential for the brain,the nervous system, behavior and balanced hormones.

Sugar causes the body to become more acidic. Some say this promotes inflammatory illnesses. We are an inflammed society.  Sugar and it’s empty calories contributes to excessive weight gain, dental decay, diabetes, cancer, heart disease, osteoporisis, arthritis

Sugar is just terrible for the digestive track. It literally depletes minerals. ( calcium, chromium, magnesium and zinc ). Reduces the production of digestive enzymes, leads to allergies and immune system issues.

Sugar makes you old. Sugar sticks to proteins, changes their properties and interferes with their ability to function. AGE’s damaging componds aka advanced glycation end products promote ate dmaging compounds heart disease, high blood pressure, cataracts, arthritis and artherosclerosis

above info sourced from nutritionist barb lagoni’s notes

don’t you want to roll in it candy mosaic flickr image?

K a r e n     H a n r a h a n
Wellness Educator/Nutritional Consultant
Mentoring YOU to Health Success

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One Response to Sugar Destroys Your Health

  1. Kathryn says:

    Thank you, very good info, I was looking for the exact amount of white blood cells distroyed each hour by certain tsp of sugar. I have see it somewhere. Do you know?

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