How To Correct Candida Yeast Overgrowth

Four Steps to Correct Yeast OverGrowth

1. Decrease the amount of yeast in the body by using antifungal preparations
2. Stop feeding the existing yeast by limiting the foods and drugs that cause the yeast to multiply.
3. Rebuild the immune system through a nutritional supplementation program
4. Create a non – toxic environment in your home to decrease candida – related symptoms.

Yeast reduction – anti fungal preparations

The first step in resolving a yeast overgrowth in your body is to destroy the excessive yeast. There are several different products that have been used successfully to kill the yeast including:

A drug available by prescription only, that when taken orally coats the membranes of the gastrointestinal tract and kills the yeast with which it comes in contact with. Powdered nystatin is preferable to tablets because the pills don’t dissolve in time to coat the areas in the sinus, mouth throat, esophagus and stomach which also may be affected. However, the powder does need to remain refrigerated.

Caprylic Acid
Many physicians, especially naturopathic doctors use caprylic acid products as the main antifungal agent in a yeast control program. Caprylic acid is a long-chain fatty acid naturally occurring in coconut that is toxic to yeast. Most health food stores stock a variety of caprylic acid products

Homeopathic Remedies
There are a variety of homeopathic Candida remedies which kill yeast. Some are available directly from Homeopathic Physicians; others are available from health food stores

Garlic, a medicinal herb, contains two potent antifungal agents – allin. A precursor to allicin and haeoni, the stronger of the two.  Most commercially available garlic tablets or capsules do not contain adequate quantities of the antifungal agents because they are destroyed by cooking or processing. However, this corporation does make a garlic tablet in which the antifungal agents are still potent. It works best if you take one or two tablets at the same time you use one of the other antifungal preparations.

sourced affectionately from a brochure by Gemma Gorham 1997, a document I have used to assist those who feel they may have candida.

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