Nutritional Supplements And Candida

Nutrition Supplementation For Yeast Control

Below is a list of nutrients and herbs that are part of a candida cleanse and rebuilding.  Note that there are phases.

Not all nutritional supplements are created equal.  Results will vary if using a brand of lesser quality.

Cleansing Phase – First Week

Alfalfa – provides essential trace minerals, digestive enzymes and chlorophyll, all of which help cleanse the body. Also improves joint pain and allergy symptoms.

Fiber helps get yeast and other toxins out of the body.

Laxative – a natural herbal laxative which helps gently cleanse the intestine, remove toxins and promote regularity.

Friendly Bacteria (acidophilus – bifidus ) – recreates proper balance of intestinal flora – pearls only.

Purified Water  – pure water gets toxins out of the blood stream.

Then Add:

Initial Rebuilding Phase – Three Weeks

Multi-Vitamin nutritional insurance provides nutrients and minerals on a daily basis in proper balance.

Vitamin C-helps with immunity, allergies, and environmental sensitivities.

Immune System Support – proprietary blend of nutrients that support immune function.

Calcium/Magnesium-helps with nervousness, distractability, anxiety attacks, muscle cramps and insomnia.

Omega 3’s (essential fatty acids derived  from fishoil ) – helps with muscle and joint pain, cold hands and feet and skin eruptions.

GLA (essential fatty acid derived from borage seed  – helps with hormonal imbalances, mood swings, concentration, libido, depression and anxiety.

Then Add:

Final Rebuilding Phase – Last Eight Weeks

Soy Protein – helps stabilize blood sugar, improves concentration and provides consistant energy

B Complex -helps with mood swings, stress, cravings, anxiety, digestive problems and irritability

sourced affectionately from a brochure by Gemma Gorham 1997, a document I have referenced to assist those who feel they may have candida.

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