Community Mourns Loss Of A Hero.

A friend on facebook shared:

Together we mourn the loss of one of our own Heroes Army SPC. Jared StankerArmy SPC. Jared Stanker of Evergreen Park was killed in Afganistan by a roadside bomb. In support of the family and the troops the community is encouraged to pack 103rd St. from Cicero Ave. to Central Park at 9a.m. on Saturday. Please bring your family and your flag to show your support and respect.

I shared with a friend, a vietnam vet, knowing he’d want to take his son. 

He emailed me this amazing photo taken this morning, shared below w/ his permission:


11/07/09 South Side

This gathering of community spirit and support just takes my breath away. 

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2 Responses to Community Mourns Loss Of A Hero.

  1. My condolences. It always break my heart to learn such a tragic loss!

  2. Karen Hanrahan says:

    Thank you Sheila – me too, news like this is very tragic

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