Regulate Your Glucose Naturally

Perhaps you have trouble with your blood sugar levels ?

Our signature glucose regulation  product provides these benefits:   

helps insulin transport glucose more effectively  

helps cells take up glucose more efficiently and therefore may help prevent the onset of Syndrome X, Type II Diabetes and heart disease.

helps sustain energy and prevent blood sugar crashes that can lead to carbohydrate cravings.

These are the ingredient components:

Magnesium– involved in the breakdown of glucose and release of insulin. 25-40% of diabetics have low blood levels of magnesium.

Zincactivates insulin to full power, helps lower blood sugar.

Chromium helps insulin by moving glucose and other nutrients into the cells, stabilizes the body’s metabolism, may decrease hunger and limit food cravings and improves blood sugar control. Diabetics have, on average, 35% lower blood levels of chromium.

Taurinehigh blood sugar causes taurine depletion. It’s important in nerve conduction. Clinical studies suggest that taurine may help prevent diabetic neuropathy.

Vanadiumimproves the ability of the liver to utilize glucose, one study showed that it lowered fasting plasma glucose levels by 20%.

Alpha Lipoic Acid- potent anti-oxidant that improves insulin sensitivity, improves glucose utilization and decreases frequency of cataract formation, vascular damage & neuropathy.

Banaba Leaf Extractregulates and stabilizes both blood sugar and insulin.

insulin on black flickr image credit

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