Saving Money With Green Means

When the topic was announced for this month’s Green Moms Carnival  I knew sharing this post again would be a perfect commentary.  The lovely Lisa of Condo Blues is our hostess.

Look for a remarkable gathering of comments on Saving Money With Green Means at Lisa’s Blog on November 16th!

Female purchasing power totally rocks! As a matter of fact one statistic cited that 98% of purchases are made with the female influence. 

I have heard quite a few folks say that they think our non-toxic biodegradable cleaning products are expensive.
I often think to myself compared to what?  In my opinion, they are truly the best deal in town.

I stumbled across this fabulous and informative cost comparison sheet the other day which was graciously created by Stan and Joanne Putnam from Georgia.  Thank you!

( I happen to know that this woman is very devoted to accuracy and literally hand measured and re-measured some of these products)

When it comes to purchasing anything the first question any discerning or potential consumer would ask is – How much ?

Do we really ever think how much it costs to do our laundry or wash our dishes – per load or per wash? Not to mention the cost to the enviroment?

Some of the pricing differences are rather shocking, especially amongst our green competitors.  

Can your current green cleaning product clean windows, and clean them well for less than a penny?   

* comparisons are based on manufacturers usage directions and or actual measurements to determine uses per container
* conventional prices obtained from Kroger
* green products obtained from local natural supermarket
* May 2007

Because this was originally in a formatted grid I simplified it to make it readable for this post. 
Should you want an electronic copy – please email me and I will gladly send it to you.

All Purpose Cleaning:  

Fantastic  11.16 per gallon
409  11.16 per gallon
Seventh Generation  21.96 per gallon
Our Signature All Purpose Product .21 per gallon

all products above are used straight from the bottle and offer 1/4 gallon of solution 
ours is a concentrate and makes 48 gallons of all purpose cleaning solution

Window Solution:

Windex  12.56
Glass Plus 9.96
Seventh Generation 21.96
Our Signature All Purpose Product  – less than a penny

all products above are used straight from the bottle and offer 1/4 gallon of solution 
ours is a concentrate and makes 1456 gallonsof window cleaningsolution – WOW!!

Automatic Dishwasher:

Cascade  .20
Seventh Generation  .38
Our Automatic Dishwasher Product .19

above is a cost per load comparison
cascade and seventh generation fill both dispenser cups
ours uses only2-3 teas per load and is phosphate free- the first ever, 1 box of ours = 2 1/2 boxes of Cascade

Laundry Stain Remover:

Shout  17.02
BioKleen  33.96
Our natural enzyme brightener 2.29

cost per gallon comparison
products above are used straight from the bottle and offer varied gallons of solution 
BioKleen is for 1/4 gallon of product – Boy is this product expensive to use.
ours is a concentrate/ use 2 tsp diluted w/ water- and gives you 4 gallons of product

Laundry Powder:

Tide  .18
Seventh Generation  .35
Our Laundry Powder .17

per load comparison
tide 80 loads, seventh generation 42 loads,
ours 224 loads

Chlorine Free Brighteners:
Clorox 2  .30
Seventh Generation  .26
our natural whitener  .14

per load comparison
Clorox 2 – 27 loads, seventh generation 21 loads,
ours 64 loads
usage 2/5 of a cup, 3/8 of a cup – ours 1 TB

Fabric Softeners:

Seventh Generation  .14
Fabric Softener .13

per load comparison
seventh generation 40 loads,
ours 64
usage 1 oz vs 1/2 oz

Fine Washables:

Woolite  .06
Our Signature All Purpose Cleaner .05

per use price
Woolite uses 1 TBLS, ours uses 1/2 teas
100 uses vs ours192100 uses vs ours192

Toilet Bowl Cleaners:

Lysol .41
Clorox .49
Seventh Generation .69
r Germicide

per use price
varied 4 – 6 oz per toilet, ours used 1 TBLS
4, 6, 8 per container – ours 64 uses


Lysol 44.69
Clorox 13.96
Seventh Generation 21.96
Our Germicide .27

cost per gallon comparison
usage is straight – ours is concentrate uses 3/8 of a tsp per 6 oz of water
theirs makes 1/4 -1/10 of a gallon – ours makes 64 gallons

Conclusion:  From a cost comparison and usage perspective our products are absolutely the least expensive. 


they are non-toxic
they do not pollute
they leave no harmful residue
are completely safe around children and sensitive adults
are biodegradable
they outperfom many other leading national brands

Which non-toxic biodegradable green cleaning products would you prefer to use ? 

delightful bubble flickr image credit

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2 Responses to Saving Money With Green Means

  1. Lisa says:

    I love Shaklee’s Basic H2! It goes such a long way.

  2. Karen Hanrahan says:

    Sooooooo true Lisa!

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