Artist Jason Mack

In the community I live there is a young man who blows glass.

Mack Glass Factory is housed in this amazing turn of the century warehouse that leaks water. Actually the building doesn’t leak or drip,  it sortof pours. Puddles are part of the decor.  Jason Mack’s studio includes his furnace, his kilns and remnants of creations he’s made in the past. There is glass everywhere. The community, partly a large state college campus contributes beer bottles. This is part of his medium, recycled beer bottles from the students nearby. Very way cool. 

Jason is a remarkable and innovative artist.  One if his unique presentations includes windings.  He spins very thin threads of glass into a form. One of those forms is a Christmas tree.  Last year, near his studio, he demonstrated a winding while the community watched.  The more glass the community contributed the higher the tree!   LIVE art. The result was this amazing sculpture.

photo courtesy of Jason Mack – I adore this photograph!

This year Jason will be winding at a more prominent community location, the Performing Center For The Arts.  The first two weekends of December, Bloomington folks can contribute glass and come watch this holiday glass tree become.  Let it wind – Let it wind!  This years goal is a 16ft  tree! 

$50 $100 and $500 sponsorship tiers are available. Mack Glass Factory will also be selling special handmade glass items, including ornaments and goblets at the Performing Center For The Arts

drawing by Jason Mack

By the way, the windings are on wheels. He can do them in just about any community! Perhaps your community wants one!

I met Jason this past June. He gave me “his version” or tour of this town as well as shared the name of his best friends realtor.  The rest is history. I moved here in July!

Timothy Kent Gallery And Framing hosted an opening of Jason’s glass drawings in August.  Much of what was shown were these stunning panels of woven threads of glass. All were heated in a kiln that Jason actually built himself. To me they appeared as fabric. He experimented with hue, shape and width of threads. He even created  tables! The results are absolutely breathtaking

above photos courtesy of Jason Mack

Over the summer Jason entered a live art competition. ArtPrize in Grand Rapids, Michigan hosted over 1200 artists. Each artist had to be accepted and affiliate w/ a business in town.  The works were created on site live and spanned over several weekends. Votes were gathered as the artists created. The goal was to make the top ten and the prizes were big cash!!  Jason made a tidal wave completely out of threads of glass. In the end Jason Mack was voted in the Top 25.  An amazing accomplishment!!

photo source unknown – sorry
Jason Mack’s Glass Tidal Wave

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  1. WOW! Very nice post i totally enjoy the content of this post and i will definitely share this post to my friends and students.

  2. Karen Hanrahan says:

    thank you

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