Kudos To Author Sheila Glazov

A huge BRAVA goes out to my friend and author Sheila Glazov who’s book ” What Color Is Your Brain?” is now being sold in Brazil in Portuguese!

Sheila fills my “blue” heart. She champions me at many many levels and affectionately has nicknamed me “caringgrace” a play on words with my name. She says I am caring and gracious. I just love that she says things like this!! I am also very proud of her. I admire her tenacity in getting the word out about her book!

I adore her work. The book is languaged in such a way that has someone mastering the technique almost immediately. As a resource for life, love and business situations, it’s unique application almost always has one feel there is a choice in the matter.

Sheila is funny, ever so smart and positively engaging. Her website and her blog both reflect her lively personality and generous heart.

Perhaps your organization would appreciate a workshop presented by Sheila? 

In addition to being passionate about her book,What Color IsYour Brain?, and her life, Sheila donates proceeds of her book to Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation. an organization close to her heart.

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One Response to Kudos To Author Sheila Glazov

  1. That’s great news! Portuguese is such an interesting language. And, it is amazing that your friend is donating the proceeds to the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation!

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