Happy Thanksgiving

The natural gathering of the fall hues of harvest I feel is behind us.  Winter is knocking on our doors.

I don’t feel like being cold.  This is how I always feel when the first cold snap hits.

Come March when we are still dealing with 30 degree days they will feel almost balmy. Right now they just feel cold.

Grey skies and bare trees do not inspire me the same way the colors of spring,summer and autumn do.  I instead find myself wanting to read, nestle, bake, nestle, drink hot tea, nestle.

I feel the need to nestle.

Words come differently into my mind.  I am my best while in a warmth of hot shower, sleeping under mountains of blankets or while chopping vegetables for soup. Ever find yourself brilliant in the shower only to find that exceptional brightness and clarity disappears the moment you dry off ?

The picture below was taken in 2003 and finds its way to my screensaver each fall.

Enjoy the warmth and joy of family and friends this Thanksgiving

photo by karen hanrahan

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5 Responses to Happy Thanksgiving

  1. kelp herbs says:

    very heart warming.the most important thing is counting all the blessing that we have this year, giving thanks and giving value to all that we love.

  2. Noelle says:

    I know exactly what you mean about the shower thing!

  3. Karen Hanrahan says:

    Love that you commented! 

  4. A very eye-catching,marvelous photo of the purple fruits .Good representation of the winter season.We should thank the almighty for giving us such an wonderful season.Thanks.

  5. Karen Hanrahan says:

    Thank you!!

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