The Mug And Muffin

My name is Karen Hanrahan – I author a Blog called Best of Mother Earth where I write about which nutritional supplements to take and why.  Ever attend a workshop that you found insightful and thought provoking?   I am seeking hosts for Mug and Muffin workshops.  What is a mug and muffin workshop you ask? A mug and muffin is a small cozy round circle discussion. A host serves mugs of tea or coffee/ muffins and there is a guided conversation. The informative event is usually an hour long and quite lovely.  Who do you know who might like to host a mug and muffin and have me as their guest speaker?  These can be done in an office or home environment.   I recently just booked two!  Why Clean Green and Why Nutritional Supplementation!!  Those are just a few of the topics I can address. My name is Karen Hanrahan and I look forward to speaking for your next Mug and Muffin !!

In appreciation for your hosting and sharing your family, friends and co-workers with me there is no fee for me to speak. However if there is a commute I may request a travelling fee.

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