Sick Of The Hand Sanitizer Hype

The industry of flu prevention is pretty big business. 

Profit is being made.

That part of it sortof makes me sick.

I can’t stop thinking about the hype of all of this prevention.

Clearly there are some negatives that this advocacy isn’t mentioning

I’m talking about hand sanitizers

Did you know that ingesting the stuff can make you physically ill?

Many of them are 62% ethyl alchohol.  
W hat does that mean?
It means one very small bottle is equal to four shots of jamesons

Who might eat or drink hand sanitizer ?
That’s like asking who drinks bleach or dishwasher detergent – It happens all the time !!

According to the American Association of Poison Control Centers, the country’s 61 poison centers are getting more calls about it. folks swallowing hand sanitizers

How do you normally keep your kids safe from harmful substances? Put them out of harms way?   How many kids rifle through your purse? Or how many folks have hand sanitizer sitting on every surface of their home?

Some sources say that hand sanitizers can have reproductive toxicity and other system interrupting ingredients

Some say it breaks down your immune system hindering it’s ability to fight

Gee —  I sortof thought we need our immune system for fighting the bad guys

Makes one want to slather it on doesn’t it ?

One typical ingredient found in this fight germs scam product is the hormone disrupting antibacterial/antifungal agent triclosan.
Triclosan can form dioxins when it comes into contact with water and has some worried it will create resistant strains of bacteria

According to a report in Environmental Science and Technology, triclosan, an ingredient used widely as an antibiotic and preservative in personal care and cleaning products for the last 45 years, acts as an endocrine disruptor.  Basically, this chemical amplifies the natural effects of hormones and exacerbates the effects of testosterone

this stuff is commonly found in hand sanitizers, lotions and wipes

for the last 45 years??

HOW does this stuff even get to market?

AND it’s found in common products like TOYS, clothing  and cookware – can you say SCARY?

Ask most folks if they even know what triclosan is and they look at you sideways – tri-what??

I prefer the idea that germs actually help build our immunity to them — sortof like bring those pesky germs on — my immune system is ready for them 

The National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey is trying to assess exposure to the antibacterial:

“In about three-quarters of urine samples analyzed [there were 2,517].we detected concentrations of triclosan. Concentrations differed by age and socioeconomic status but not by race/ethnicity and sex. Specifically, the concentrations of triclosan appeared to be highest during the third decade of life and among people with the highest household incomes.”

The stuff is detected in our urine !!

Even the conventional ones that don’t contain triclosan usually contain isopropyl alcohol, parabens, propylene glycol, and synthetic fragrances (which may contain phthalates). 

How is any of this preventative? 

Debra Lynn Dadd one of my super duper green heroes writes:   

“According to a Purdue university professor who teaches sanitation practices for food service workers, ‘Waterless, antibacterial hand sanitizers are marketed as a way to ‘wash your hands’ when soap and water aren’t available, and they are especially popular among parents of small children. But research shows that they do not significantly reduce the overall amount of bacteria on the hands, and in some cases they may even increase it.’ The professor went on to say that a hand sanitizer can’t take the place of old-fashioned soap and water at home or anywhere else.” 

I tend to side with the above quoted philosophy 

Skip the sanitizer.

How do I manage my germs?  Well, I am certainly not germ-a-phobic.  My housekeeping practices would not put me in the white glove category.  I occasionally use an epa registered highly effective non-toxic germicide and spray a cloth and wipe things like my computer keys, mouse, fridge and stove handles and doorknobs. I also use this product exclusively to clean my bathroom.

I also use a lovely emolliant non-soap product for hand washing.  I love the light scent ,even more I appreciate the fact that it’s ph balanced ( does not strip the skin’s acid mantle ) and that it’s ingredients are plant sourced

Pretty basic stuff.

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2 Responses to Sick Of The Hand Sanitizer Hype

  1. In addition, Triclosan goes from our urine through the sewage treatment plant into our waterways. There it negatively affects the reproductive systems of fish, amphibians, and other aquatics organisms.

  2. Karen Hanrahan says:

    Ever so true Linda!

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