Winter Skin Emergency Kit

Over the weekend the weather shifted, it got cold, the heat was on and the humidity swiftly vacated the premises. Yikes!

I have four products I am never without in the winter.

Consider me armed and dangerous with protection against the evils of winter dryness.

Perhaps you too could benefit from this winter dry skin emergency kit!

Or perhaps you might know someone who would appreciate a gift like this for the upcoming holiday? 

Cracks at the corners of your mouth,hang nails and dry skin are often a B Complex deficiency.
Not  to mention that B’s are completely depleted by stress – a significant detail this time of year – would you agree?

I always always take my B Complex

Something about this time of year has my lips need constant moisture. 

I use and appreciate this healing spf 15 lip balm tremendously!

My hands, feet, and generally my skin seems thirstier in the winter – this hand and body lotion absorbs deeply and quickly into your skin – none of that surface rubbing and rubbing – it’s intensly moisturizing!

We have a serum that we call the “after” product – after a bite, after a sunburn and in the winter sometimes after a brisk dog walk I experience wind burn.  This delicious calming product is positively invaluable this time of year

the beauty of winter flickr image

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4 Responses to Winter Skin Emergency Kit

  1. Beautiful picture and in winter dry is the main problem but your post definitely help for this.

  2. This is very useful post for those who has having skin or dryness problem in winters realy very useful post.

  3. Skin Care says:

    Hi Karen, you are all in one writer. This is a very good for winter skin care. Great.

  4. Skin lightening-bleaching cream-skin whitening-fade cream. Don’t bleach your skin until you read this.

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