It’s Cold Outside And I Don’t Have A Thing To Wear

I’ve never been able to look put together in the winter time.

I just don’t seem to ever have the right coat, boots, scarf, matching gloves or a hat that doesn’t look positively dweeby.

I recently bought a tailored red wool coat. It’s lovely. It attracts the multi-color hair of my dog like a magnet. Never thought about that when making my purchase decision. Its 80% wool makes me itch positively everywhere. That coat just isn’t going to work. It has to go back.

I also bought a zippy quilted black hooded jacket with nifty twisty clasps that I seemingly can’t get to twist. It too attracts hair of the dog faster than the speed of sound.

That coat also has to go back.

In the meantime I went into the bowels of my closet and found a circa 90’s coat – it’s actually a lovely micro-fiber, with a plush pile inside. It zips from the bottom to the top and has no give when you sit in the car. Can you say R-I-P every time you sit down? This zipper will not last much longer. Since the two coats have to go back I am wearing this ridiculous thing in the meantime. What choice do I have?

The thing with this coat is I have to shimmy it up over my hips in order to sit down in the car — to prevent further zipper ripping. When I am driving I have this spare tire of coat sitting around my waist – It feels positively ridiculous. Even more ridiculous is to see me get out of the car and wiggle accordingly to get the integrity back to my winter fashion nightmare.

Boots. I don’t get how one can wear high fashion boots with chunky 2 –3 inch look good heels, wedges or even date night spikes AND keep your feet warm, let alone navigate the sidewalks many of which are not shoveled, and walk with any grace or style.

Me? I wear clogs.  See?  It says it over there in my sidebar. I am totally afraid that I am going to fall.  I must really be 80. I like the idea of warmth and traction in a boot.   Practical boots don’t  “look” very good.

Most hats destroy my “do”. If the hat makes any fashion statement at all it usually doesn’t cover my ears. Earmuffs might seem like a good idea, but those make most of us looking like a puppy dog. Scarf wrapping is another approach, but then we get the static electricity thing going.

( sigh )

It’s 11 degrees out and I don’t have a thing to wear.

typical victorian wintergarb flickr image credit

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9 Responses to It’s Cold Outside And I Don’t Have A Thing To Wear

  1. Lill says:

    Ah, a fellow fashion-impaired person. I’m in Maine, where it’s been in the teens with a wind chill that makes it feel like 20 below. I haven’t had a winter coat in years. Instead, I wear a thick, hooded, wool sweater over a thick hooded cotton sweater over a flannel shirt over a t-shirt.With both hoods up, it worked to keep me warm for six hours around a Solstice bonfire this weekend and I can slough off a layer or two when I go inside or when the wind dies down.You might want to try it and you can also add a vest and subtract one or more of the other components if you want. Works for me.Shine On,Lill

  2. Karen Hanrahan says:

    LILL!!! I have so been thinking about you!!  Please let me know how you are. Thanks for the comment, the keeping warm tips, the layering clothing advice – coming from Maine I bet you know more so than I.  It’s cold here, but not that cold. YET.

  3. zoom teeth says:

    I feel sorry for you but you should concentrate on health rather than fashion as it’s very cold .

  4. Karen Hanrahan says:


  5. Lill says:

    Karen, things got complicated in my life so my daughter and I took a sabbatical – a roadtrip from Maine to Florida with lots of stops at friends’ spaces and interesting places in between.As far as health and fashion goes: if you’re not happy with the way you look in something, you won’t feel as good emotionally. Emotions can affect your immune system and make you more susceptible to germs. So, for some of us, fashion and comfort are a big part of being healthy.Shine On,Lill

  6. Karen Hanrahan says:

    Lill, I remember your decision to take a break. I am just ever so glad to hear from you! Glad that your road trip and time w/ your daughter was interesting.  I think it’s so true that if you are unhappy about your appearance that it’s emotionally draining.  The stress of that definitely depleted the adrenals and thus effects health and well being.  I’m not a shop until you drop gal. I do feel having the basics works for me. This post was originally written a few years ago. I still have winter fashion woes – oh my!! Making do with what I have at the moment.

  7. Michelle says:

    Karen – I originally tried to respond to this post via my iPhone, but that did not work out too well.I wanted to say that winter fashion is not in vogue in our house either. My children consistently wear mis-matched gloves, mittens, hats, scarves – whatever they can find in the drawers that fits.After moving back from FL several years ago, I decided to splurge and buy a Land’s End coat – one I thought wasn’t fashionable, but practical. I hate feeling cold!Imagine my surprise a couple of weeks ago when someone said to me, “Oh what a cute coat you have!”It warmed my heart, it did. :)~Michelle

  8. Karen Hanrahan says:

    Michelle — keep trying via that iphone – you are welcome to practice here anytime!!  My kids like that eclectic look also.  I would  have felt embarassed as a kid if things didn’t match. See how confident yours are ?? I too hate feeling cold. I have a few coats that are several sizes toooo big from LL Bean – one of which a pregnant friend is now wearing. I love wearing that coat for the same reason you share here. People think it’s a cute coat!  Even though it’s now way too big for me!!  It keeps me warm!! Someday I’ll get it together. Fashionably and practically

  9. mx motocross says:

    Great post man I have a trial doing promo work in a club tomorrow, what should I wear?The woman on the phone said wearing the kind of thing I wear on a night out is best, but I’ll be outside a lot and don’t want to be cold.please give me some advice thanks.

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