Ode To Marble

My Marble taken by Karen Hanrahan

I so adore this transitional time of year – the week in between.
The year behind and the year ahead potential

My thoughts are all over the place.

Full, grateful, reflective and heart filled. 2009 was quite the year.

I recently made a decision.

I let go of my Marble.  I decided that she was happier elsewhere. I decided she was happier in an environment that let her be a dog.

I look at this picture and it melts my heart – my goodness I loved this animal.

When I was pending my surgery last winter I needed care for Marble.  I asked my Jazzercize instructor who she might know who loves dogs and could perhaps help me.   She said .. uh… like — ME!! My Siberian Husky fell for Tracey the moment she met her. Tracey is an animal person. Not just dogs but horses, cats and more. Her home has a huge incredible yard.  My Marble befriended Tracey’s two dogs Snoopy and Tim and her many cats, not to mention her entire family. It was cool. Marble stayed with Tracey for six months. 

She transitioned well to my move. However and to be truthful — I didn’t transition well to caring for her solo. I found her challenging at times. This dog needed more than I could provide and I wondered if she was happy here.

At Thanksgiving I realized my travels were going to have me away from home. I needed dog care for Marble. Tracey welcomed her again. When visiting I watched Marble run, and run and run. I watched her play with her dog friends Snoopy and Tim. I heard Tracey share an awesome story about Marble and a gargantuan snowdrift.   Oh my gosh – I can’t provide a place EVER for this pup to run. She couldn’t run here. No yard.  My little house could never offer a huge drift of snow for this dog to lay on.  I asked Tracey to keep her. My friend Tracey loves my dog as much as I. She adores her. Appreciates her quirks, her Siberian Huskyness.  She totally said yes!

I feel really happy for my dog and ever so grateful for my friend Tracey.

See Marble Run!

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10 Responses to Ode To Marble

  1. Karen J says:

    Ooooooh! What a tough place to be in ~ I know how much you love your Marble! And I know how much space, energy and attention a big arctic dog needs (I shared some very small spaces with a Samoyed for a couple of years ~ in another lifetime).Don’t forget to be pleased with yourself, too, for being *able* to make this decision. I’m sure it wasn’t easy, but it sounds like a real win-win-win, (after the owwie-ness eases up). Bright, Bountiful Blessings for 2010, my friend!(the other) Karen

  2. Karen Hanrahan says:

    I do feel that even though this was a hard decision to make and at some level I feel a bit of relief – I worried about her being happy, I am pleased with this decision – thanks Karen for this empathetic comment and for your friendship a healthy and love filled 2010 to you and yours!!

  3. Good post man i am very pleased with this decision thanks for the post.

  4. Mitch says:

    Sorry to see you have to give up your dog – I work at the Humane Society and the main problem with people picking dogs is they choose a breed that is not the best for their living situation. A Husky needs lots of exercise and space. They are highly energetic. I’m glad you gave her up – what people don’t realize is when you adopt a dog- it is a huge commitment – and can be a long one – 10 or more years.You made the right decision – many don’t. Dogs are not disposable beings. They deserve love and caring. If one doesn’t work out, you can’t just throw it away.I’m sure Marble will be very happy in her new home with lots of space.

  5. Karen Hanrahan says:

    thank you for the encouragement

  6. Karen Hanrahan says:

    Mitch – thank you so much for your comment

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