When A Child Is Diagnosed With Leukemia…

One of our Carnival Mom’s Jennae, of Green Your Decor and Green and Gorgeous, emailed us yesterday sharing the news that her 4 yr old daughter was diagnosed with Leukemia.  To add, her husband is out of work due to a layoff, she’s the only breadwinner – owner of her own graphic design business and freelancing – NO health insurance.  Alot of stuff.  A flurry of remarkable green mom email followed and we all pitched in our sadness, our love, our concern and ways that we thought we might be able to help.

She found the courage to write a post about the news. In sharing her thoughts she wondered how can she even write the word leukemia, let alone say it outloud, but she did.  Bravely, along with sharing remarkably beautiful pictures of her family and especially her Ja’Naya, she’s asking for help.

I am hoping by sharing this news, these links and my wishes for a healthy Ja’Naya are just one of the ways that I can help.  The good news about her daughter’s leukemia is that it’s treatable.

Asking for help is really hard.  Illness of this magnitude is daunting, and yet already Jennae feels hopeful and definitely encouraged.

image from flickr

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