Ever Have Doubt Regarding Weight Loss?

There I was.
All “way too much” of me

I had enough apathy to fill the room. 

A new weight loss program was being announced at our convention


I personally felt that the entire weight loss battle was hopeless for me.

C’mon, I ate sensibly, organically, vegetable-y, I walked every single day – how is it I couldn’t move an ounce of weight off my body? 

Sound familiar?

I had completely given up.

I was a fatty and may as well get used to it.

LOOK at all these people parading their weight and inches lost….

That so won’t be me, I’ll tell you right now…

These products might have helped them but they will never EVER help me.

Ever have doubt like I did?  

Care to see what happened? 

not the only one in the crowd flickr image credit

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