Flu Season Is STILL Here.

I want to remind you that flu season is still upon us. When the weather starts to shift from deep freeze to thaw and back to cold again that’s when you see folks getting sick.  A flu prevention strategy is all about being prepared.  Your immune system is the very best defense against the flu. Who do you know that has young children or elderly that want to take on a natural approach to building their immune system? It’s simpler than you might think. You simply utilize the wisdom of the human body given the right tools.

Immune System Nutrition tools I recommend:

Our Natural Interferon Product – highest level of immune system support

( the above can be ordered on autoship or in a 4 pack for a 10% discount!!)

Formula I – a combination product that includes a variety of nutrients that support immunity

Echinacea – an herbal taken 10 days off and 10 days on – boosts immunity

Vitamin C

others: zinc, caratonoids & flavonoids and friendly bacteria

Our resveratrol product ( also available at a discount re: autoship)is in a class of it’s own. Testimonies pouring in have been remarkable.

Article: WHO To Examine H1N1 – false pandemic and deaths related

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