A Word From Our Site Sponsor

The creation of our entirely new Blog: Best Of Mother Earth ( do you like it??) would not have been possible without the assistance of our very first site sponsor.  Helpful Jewelry. Welcome! In the case of a medical emergency, EMT’s need to know if you are have specific health challenges or are on medications that might hinder your emergency care. The latest designs now have USB devices that hold your personal medical information. How perfect is that!

Free Custom Engraving Helpful Jewelry - Personalized Medical Alert Jewelry Jewelry with a purpose!

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2 Responses to A Word From Our Site Sponsor

  1. I love your sponsor’s idea. Since I have a son with JV diabetes this USB idea would be invaluable. I could contain dr contact info, my information, etc.

    I wonder if there is a way to plug it into an iphone or cell phone to get the info up immediately?

    Love your edgy site. A new you.

  2. Karen Hanrahan says:

    Thank You Anna – I agree that the USB idea is truly innovative. Great question about the cell phone. I suggest you contact helpful jewelry direct and inquire. Let me know what they say. I appreciate the compliment re: my site too!!

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