Heart Of The Matter Workshop

Many of you know that I belong to the networking group Business Networking International ( BNI).  Those of you not familiar with BNI, it’s a group that meets weekly for what I call “on purpose” networking.  Our group is twenty one members strong, eclectic in the professions that are represented ( only one person per profession is allowed) and wonderfully energetic. I’ve belonged to a BNI for many years.  I attribute the growth of my business to much of what’s done at our BNI weekly meetings. When I relocated my home/business this summer finding a BNI chapter was tops on the list of must do.

In January I attended two highly regarded what I like to call “think tank” conferences.  I am in a place in my life and in my business where I am ready to think outside the box again!  I came out of both of those events pumped!!

One evening during the January conference I couldn’t sleep…too many possibilities swimming in my brain.  I got up, made some tea and 45 minutes later had create what was for me a profound mind map.

In sharing this at my BNI meeting I was encouraged to partner with the life coach of the group to co-teach this technique.

It didn’t take much encouraging to work with Donella,  I just love her.  What was cool however, was when we sat down to discuss the potential of a workshop we simply created one – boom!

LOVE that!!!

Here is what we are up to:

What:   Heart Of The Matter Workshop

Please join us for  a morning of inspiration, direction, discussion, and reflection. Together in silence, we will mind map and collage our way to the path of our hearts.

When: Saturday March 6th  8:30  – 11:30 A.M.

Where: Normandy Village
1100 N. Beech Street
Bldg. 12A;  Normal, IL 61761

Fee:  $40.00
The fee includes room, snacks, some supplies, experienced coordinators’ compensation.

To make this even more deliciously fun, the fee is reduced to $35.00 each,  if you bring a friend.

Payment at the door, cash or check please.

Request:  Please bring magazines you have around the house – 5-10 or so will be plenty; favorite pencils or markers if you have them; your own beverage if you prefer something other than water; and if you can throw some scissors in your purse that would be great too.

Additional request:  Your on-time arrival will help all of us experience this workshop more fully; your courtesy is appreciated.

Who are these crazy facilitators?

Karen Hanrahan is a blog author, community wellness educator, closet creative and collage artist.  NEW to the Bloomington area, she brings 17 years of nutritional consulting to the table. Her passionate advocacy is prevention of illness through nutritional supplementation.  She created her first mind map in a course called Self Expression and Leadership 13 years ago.  Her collage work began when she studied the writings of Julia Cameron. Both types of media are part of what guides her personal and work goals. Sharing this technique with others fosters her belief that possibility strives on.  Blog: Best of Mother Earth

Donella Hess-Grabill, is a life coach and life-long educator with the necessary degrees, various related certifications, and over thirty years of working with people of all ages and stages.  Some of her favorite memories include times when she has nurtured students to self-discovery through language arts, or when she was a part of clients’ experiences of creating meaning, aliveness, and empowerment in their lives.  Donella has used life mapping and collaging extensively for her own personal and spiritual growth.  It took her only moments to decide that doing this workshop with you on a Saturday morning was what she wanted to do.

Wayfinder Solutions Professional Life Coaching
“Connecting Who You Are to Where You Want to Be”

Registration requested by March 2nd

The Workshop will be held at this location for a minimum of 8 participants.   If less, we have an alternative plan, if more that means we’re making more muffins!! Too Fun!!

If you are local to this area and care to pass this on to the woman you know – gosh, we’d really appreciate that!!

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2 Responses to Heart Of The Matter Workshop

  1. pat says:

    Oooh, so you use collage to create your mind maps? How cool is that. Wish I could attend. Sounds helpful.

    • Karen Hanrahan says:

      re: mind mapping and collage – you certainly can combine the mediums….sure wish you could attend too, always nice to see you here Pat!

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