High Blood Pressure And Garlic

Garlic as a medicinal herb has a remarkable history, withstanding the test of time.  Reliably, Garlic is part of a valid heart health supplement program and also benefits those who have immune function challenges.

If you are at risk for heart disease,  use antibiotics regulary,  have diarrhea or flatulance,  any bacterial,  fungal,  or viral infection,  low immunity,  arthritis,  sore throat,  toothache,  asthma,  allergies,  pneumonia,  cancer,  meningitis, colds or flu,  tuberculosis,  fever blisters,  athlete’s foot,  common warts,  genital herpes,  sinus infections,  whooping cough or high blood pressure then garlic may be useful for you!

Garlic, to eat may taste wonderful, but does not maintain Allicin, it’s medicinal value, once it’s been cooked or smashed.

In other words you can cook with it all you want. Yum, but if you cook it or smash it you need to take it in supplement form too.

Having Garlic in pill form secures it’s medicinal validity especially when the product isn’t produced at extreme temperatures, is dried very slowly, and combined with rosemary and spearmint for odor control.

Should you add a high quality Garlic supplement to your health building protocol you will notice these benefits:

Reduced risk of heart attack and stroke
lower serum cholesterol readings
lower tryglycerides
raised HDL, good cholesterol
increased blood fluidity
stops free radicals

Garlic is anti-inflammatory, bacterial, fungal and viral – sometimes referred to as a natural antibiotic.

It kills parasites
protects the liver from toxins
protects against radiation
is used to treat excess perspiration
lower blood glucose in diabetics
is a blood cleanser, traps heavy metals
used in treatment for colic
increases while blood cell levels, even in AIDS patients

sourced from nutrition and you

garlic flickr image credit

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