How Many Kinds Of Oatmeal Are There?

This morning I soaked my oats in almond milk, simmered for 5 minutes and topped with pecans, dried cranberries and a small bit of maple syrup.

I love oatmeal!!

In the paper was this little article about all the different cuts of oat.

Who knew!!

The term oatmeal typically refers to the whole oat groat or hulled grain steel cut oats is when the the inside part of the hulled grain is cut into pieces.

thick rolled – groats are steamed and rolled into flakes, this is the longest to cook because the flakes are so thick

old-fashioned – are also steamed, but rolled into thinner flakes, cooking time is less and the texture is mushier

quick oats – are made from steal cut oats into even smaller pieces – cooking time is even more less with a instant oat – this is

instant oats are quick oats  gone through one more layer of processing,  it’s steamed to a pre-cooked point, so that all one has to do is add water

Seems to me that if you want the least processed and most whole grain source of  oatmeal you’d want to go for the thick rolled oats.

Oatmeal is so good for you and your heart,  Mr. Breakfast shares the top ten reasons why

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5 Responses to How Many Kinds Of Oatmeal Are There?

  1. The healthiest (and slowest) is to eat the actual groats, next best is steel cut. Both of these can be cooked in a slow cooker over night and kept on hand all week. So yummy!

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