The Worst And The Best Kiss

I think that the kiss is an ultimate expression of love. Even to this day a kiss can make my heart flutter. I will openly admit that I adore kissing.

Have you ever had a special kissing moment?

My very worst kiss was when I was a young adult. I worked in a tuxedo shop and ironed a zillion of those cotton ruffle shirts. This guy would wave to me as he got off the train. I’d wave back. This went on for some time. One day he came into the store and we talked. He was very cute. We exchanged quite the banter, he made me laugh and we found we actually had a lot in common. He started visiting daily and each day as he left he’d say – see you tomorrow! I found it all wonderfully distracting. Finally, he asked me out. The date was an absolute blast.

There of course was that inevitable moment when I knew he would kiss me.

(I can’t tell you the chuckle this memory STILL brings to my mind)

Instead of puckering up and kissing my lips he opened his mouth really wide and kissed my entire face. The only way I can explain it is that he surrounded my nose, my chin, and my mouth with his completely open wide hello are you in there mouth and called that a kiss. I tried to coax him into a bit of a pucker but this dude was utterly determined to give face instead.

This last year I dated.   A kiss from one of these dates is my NEW best kiss.

It was in a parking lot after a very long and wonderful lunch date.  He asked politely if he could kiss me.  I liked that he asked. It was a very breezy day. The sun was setting.  It was unseasonably warm.  I of course said yes.  What I remember most about this particular kiss was that it was very gentle and sweet.  His hands, however were very wanting and strong.  He placed them on either side of my rib cage and firmly pulled me very close to him.  He moaned and said, I don’t want to let go.  That kiss sure took my breath away.

pucker up flickr image credit

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