Just Chew It – healthy alternative to RedBull

What if you could get a healthy kick in the attitude?  You know, that immediate I need some energy and focus kind of attitude?  What if you could pop a chew and get you and your body moving,  sharpen your mind,  and keep you on your feet?

We have a new chew, that’s right, a throw in your mouth burst of green tea extract and vitamin D,  a total natural blast of  energy. 75% organic,  no artificial anything – sweeteners, preservatives or flavors.

What if you could have that chew and all that energy for $1.15 each.  WOW!!!

Do you know the price tag on a can of Red Bull?  What about the health risks of Red Bull ?  How about the popular trend of  mixing it with alchohol? Can you say stroke?  What about the fact that some countries have actually banned it!

Finally, a healthy alternative to energy drinks.

Energy and focus.   It’s a two-for-one-deal!!

One chew helps you

  • feel energized
  • think clearly
  • get focused
  • stay alert
  • stay awake
  • improve your mood

Actually,  we do have an almost two-for- one  special promotion – buy one pouch of 10 chews and get the second for only $5!!  Save $13.10 !! Promotion code # 80306

Just Chew It!

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