The Baking Soda Experiment

It all started about a year ago when Deanna over at crunchy chicken shared a link about the rock.

She had issues with underarm odor and quite frankly so did I.

The post in crunchy’s formidable style is VERY humorous, and when she said with regards to armpit odor,

With this stuff there is nothing. Absolutely nothing. Nada. Zilch. Not a whiff of fragrance, pit or anything.

I found myself rather intrigued

So I tried the rock.

I unfortunately found myself terribly un-intriqued.

Obviously my armpits are stinkier than the pits of crunchy chicken.

The rock was not for me

I was disappointed because I really want to advocate a natural approach to the issue of stinky underarms.  I had yet to find that natural product.

This came up in a green moms carnival discussion and Beth of Fake Plastic Fish shared her affection for baking soda as  a natural deodorant.

My skeptical self thought no way.

Beth, as  many of you know is on a mission to eliminate plastic from her everyday life, she’s an inspiration to me in many ways. Her posts are non-judging, informative and passionate about her cause.  She’s had me shift my thinking about ssooooo many things.

In the back of my mind I promised myself that when I ran out of my “be prepared” inventory of super duper main stream antipersperant/deoderant I’d give the baking soda thing a try

Well,  it’s not that you just use baking soda…it’s the vessel in which it’s dispensed and it’s the applicator.  How fun!! Beth had this absolutely perfect tin and puff.  I tried to find the perfect tin, and quite frankly had no luck.  However I did have a vintage glass dresser jar, and I had a blush brush. I did add one additional handy dandy item, a small baking soda “to go” tin for when I travel.

What the heck I was basically ready to go…

and so…

the day finally came when I did run out of the other stuff and it was time to be my word in the matter.

Let the baking soda experiment begin!!!

above images taken by karen hanrahan

What do I think you ask??

I did the experiment for about 10 applications

and I LOVE it!!

Seriously no odor challenges whatsoever…

I also had my surgery in the midst of this and did not bathe for three days – no armpit odor!!

I love how inexpensive it is

I love, love love the way it feels going on

very soft

beth, mentioned combining baking soda w/ cornstarch and I think that would be additionally lovely – i used cornstarch on my kids bottoms to prevent diaper rash!!

From an experiment perspective I have not perspired profusely yet, but I feel confident

My ONLY complaint is that it’s a little dusty in it’s application.  I have baking soda dust on my bathroom sink and floor. I also noticed some dust tracks on my shirt. With regards to the shirt, that trail patted right off.  I just imagine as absent minded as I am I might forget sometime and find myself w/ white all over some place public!!

With regard to the dust on the sink and such – Is this because of the brush application technique?? I’m not sure

I did find when one morning I forgot to apply and was already dressed, that applying while clothed eliminated both concerns.


Overall – I declare the experiment an astounding success!!

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15 Responses to The Baking Soda Experiment

  1. Well I can tell you that I use one made by a local maker of handmade eco cosmetics (cornstarch, baking soda and peppermint) and I used it through the summer, riding my bike and I still didn’t stink, it’s awesome stuff. I just make sure to put it on before I have my day clothes on and my clothes stay pretty powder free. Some cosmetics stores, and maybe even the drugstore sell powder puffs if you think the brush is making extra mess.

    • Karen Hanrahan says:

      Kristin – i will totally keep the puff option in mind, glad to hear your enthusiasm for baking soda as a natural deoderant option!!

  2. Kristen says:

    I love this! I am so going to try it, we too are on the journey to eliminate plastic and use homemade alternatives to the chemical/store bought versions! Thanks for sharing and for the experiment!

  3. I need to try this! I was thinking of just emptying out some old perfumed powder boxes and trying to use those…Bye, bye Chanel #5, hello baking powder??

    Diane MacEachern of Big Green Purse suggested a towel over the sink to pick up droppings…good idea.

  4. Another convert! Woo hoo! Like I tell everyone, I would use this method even if I weren’t trying to be eco-friendly. And I can related to your 3 days and no odor. It’s happened to me, too, when I was sick and couldn’t bring myself to get up and take a shower. No odor. That NEVER happened with commercial deodorant.

    • Karen Hanrahan says:

      Too funny Beth — a convert!! Well if it wasn’t for your sharing I wouldn’t have tried it – Hey – What’s the deal with perspiring and baking soda? Newbie converts want to know!!

  5. I’m thinking about trying this. I use a rock right now and it works well but still has some aluminum and I would like to get rid of that.

    I already use mineral makeup so I have to clean powder off of the bathroom and my clothes anyway. 🙂

    • Karen Hanrahan says:

      Lisa, I think it would be great if you tried this! I too use a mineral pressed powder and never noticed a “trail” perhaps because it’s pressed it’s compressed more!

  6. I have been using baking soda for several months and my only complaint was that sometimes it stings a little upon application because I apply right after showering and shaving. A couple of weeks ago I read a great idea and I’d tell you where if I could remember. I’ve long used coconut oil for various skin care purposes and had a little jar in my bathroom anyway. Now I put a little of that in my hand, sprinkle a little baking soda on it and mix it in. I then apply that. Much less irritating to the skin and coconut oil has some antibacterial properties, too. The source for this idea actually pre-mixed the ingredients and added a few drops of an essential oil as well. I might go ahead and do this at some point but for now, my impromptu method works. As for the baking soda *trail*, apply it over the sink and then afterwards use it to clean your sink. You can have fresh-smelling pits and a clean sink, too.

    • Karen Hanrahan says:

      Deanna — I appreciate the coconut oil suggestion. I have shifted my dusty trail to applying it in the shower, basically I step into the shower stall and the trail lands accordingly and I then use the dust to clean the shower stall !!

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  8. Hi Karen. Are you still using baking soda? Did you tell the group you were using a different recipe? Please let me know because I am ready to write my comprehensive deodorant post and want to link to the bloggers who’ve tried baking soda and its various recipes.

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