Prepare for Spring Allergies With Echinacea

I adore echinacea flowers. Always have.

Their cone shaped centers completely intrigue me.

The purple cone flower. How positively cool.

When our company launched it’s medicinal herbal line — Echinacea was top of the list.

I never knew that Echinacea was native to our country.

Europeans had been using it as natural immune booster for hundreds of years.

What took us so long?

I also never knew that it was for intermittant use vs daily consumption

I also didn’t understand that one Echinacea product could be better than another.

Early in my supplement taking days I was ill enough to notice an immediate difference when I started taking vitamins etc , yet I was also ill enough that my body was going to be a long term project. I often felt on the verge or getting a cold.

This for me is when Echinacea came to play.

If you are on the verge of a cold, flu, sore throat, cough,swollen glands, wounds, ulcers, bacterial infection, viral infection, fever,herpes, boils or skin eruptions ie: poison ivy or tonsilitis…

Then taking Echinacea can help you

This common and remarkably effective herb can …

stimulates the body’s natural response
pumps up the immune response
promotes production of white blood cells
stops virus’s from duplicating
anti-cancer properties
attacks foreign invaders

the above sourced from nutrition and you

Our high quality echinacea product can be swallowed, crushed into a tea or used as a lozenge for a sore throat.

My nutrition mentor describes echinacea this way:

there are these bad guys in the blood stream, the white blood cells job is to eat them, sometimes the white blood cells have alot of eating to do, the echinacea gives them ( the white blood cells ) little engines on their tails to move a tad faster – this way they can manage and eat more of the bad guys

How’s that for scientific ?

Works for me!!

The brilliance of our company and it’s commitment to science and nature is their understanding that nature works synergistically.  Anyone can put some echinacea in a bottle, but can they standardize the extract so that it delivers an exact amount of valued herb each and every time?  Not all companies do that.  Ours does.  Do other companies look at other immune boosting minerals and herbs to see how they can assist the mighty Echinacea ? Our company does that too

You will find zinx, larch tree and elderberry and other juice extract in this product as well. Why?? Because it makes the echinacea perform better in the body.

The tree does not stand alone

Take Echinacea upon the tickle you might feel when something is coming on — take for no more than 7 days.  If you are under stress, know that seasonal allergies are pending add echinacea to your immune system building/ fighting team.

Absolutely OK for Kids to take too.

above information sourced from nutrition and you

For the products on the market everywhere that have added echinacea, especially products that one might consume daily.

Forget them, total marketing phoooey.

You just don’t take this herb daily and expect it to be valid in the body.

Re: the four beautiful images below — I couldn’t just pick one.

At this time of the year I need a reminder of the beauty to come!

purplecone flowers flickr image credit

pale echinacea stunningly captured flickr image credit

glowing golden echinacea flickr image credit

like a painting echinacea flickr image credit

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2 Responses to Prepare for Spring Allergies With Echinacea

  1. Thanks for the info. I really needed it right now. Glad to know I’m on the right track. 🙂

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