Prepare For Spring Allergies With A Natural Interferon

Natural Interferon. What is it?

Our Natural Interferon was developed and extensively tested by immunologists in Japan.

This proprietary blend of natural plant extracts is derived from pumpkin seeds, safflower flowers, plantango seeds and Japanese honeysuckle flower buds.

It supports and stimulates the immune system by increasing the activity of macrophages (white blood cells) and inducing natural interferon production.

It optimizes the body’s immune response against environmental irritants and airborne substances (as with allergies and asthma).

Completely safe – no adverse reactions to these plant extracts have ever been recorded.

It is meant for daily use.

This product has an exclusive global patent on it.

What is the significance of this type of product?

How it came to market.

The eminent Dr.Yasuhiko Kojima, now part of our scientific advisory board, first discovered interferons in the late 1950s and their role in strengthening the immune system.

Synthetic interferons were then made pharmaceutically and had positive affects on the body during crisis immune system problems, however these drugs were not without a long list of negative side effects. Synthetic interferons are remarkably expensive.

These very same scientists worked for years to try and discovered a natural way to stimulate macrophage cells with no side effects. What a powerful discovery for immune system science!

Finally after decades of exhaustive research a very special natural interferon product was introduced to the world for the first time in 2003

There is only one company who has the exclusive rights to sell it.This natural inteferon changes peoples lives, and I have the awesome privilege of sharing it with others.

Interferon the drug:

Synthetic pharmaceutical interferons are usually given be painful injections.

Synthetic (man-made) versions of these substances are manufactured and sold by pharmaceutical companies. These synthetic interferons provide some beneficial effects in the body, but are accompanied by unwanted and horrific side effects:

· Back pain
· Fever &chills
· Headache
· Loss of appetite
· Nausea
· Numbness of fingers, toes & face
· Nausea / Diarrhea
· Fatigue
· Depression
· Alopecia (hair loss)
· Rash
· Retinal hemorrhages
· Thyroid Disorders
· Muscle Pain (Myalgia)
· Thrombocytopenia (reduction in the number of platelets in the blood – results in spontaneous bleeding and bruising)

Who benefits from this type of natural product?

If you have just had chemo, have allergies or asthma, auto immune disorders such as MS, lupus, rheumatoid arhtritis etc, Hepatitis C, PMS, Colds or Flu, Thyroid disorders, West Nile virus, Avian Flu, SARS, or HIV/ Aids Virus you would benefit greatly from a natural interferon.

Specific Benefits include:

Regulates and stimulates natural interferon production, increases resistance to infection, optimizes immune repose against environmental irritants and airborn pollutants, safe and natural immune activator and stimulant, activates the body’s natural killer cells

above was sourced from nutrition and you

I ask my clients that are experiencing times of reduced immune function, allergy season being one example, or those dealing with an auto-immune concern to add natural interferon to their wellness regime

Stunning and vibrant natural interferon ingrediant japanese honeysuckle

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2 Responses to Prepare For Spring Allergies With A Natural Interferon

  1. Gator Leitner says:

    have hep c….just went through 2 months of interferon injections..did not work for me. Interest in natural interferon for sure. Side effects of the injections were horrific. High level of cihrossis but liver function at level 2, so I’m told.



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