Green Moms Carnival Writes About Cancer

Tiffany of Nature Mom’s hosted this months Green Moms Carnival and it’s absolutely wonderful!!  The topic is Cancer.   Tiffany writes that the environment and our choices were making the people around her sick.  When she was diagnosed at the young age of 28 with Cancer,  she acknowledged  that she alone contributed to her getting it.  Her diet was deplorable using her languaging.  Of course she says much more.  I just want to applaud Tiffany for a moment.  You just don’t hear folks saying I made poor choices and probably caused my cancer.  Noone normally takes on that they are to blame for their own ill health.   I just loved her courageous story.   I’ve been thinking about her story ALL day.  The additional gathering of stories/resources from this month’s carnival will additionally inspire you.  Pop on over and give it a read/ comments also appreciated!

flickr image credit – thank you

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