Our Herbal Multi-Purpose Cream Is Green!

In honor of St. Patrick’s Day…

I am highlighting  products from my company that are the color green!

Our herbal multi-purpose cream is a product that one would never immediately think to buy from our catalog or from our websites.

It’s just something that seemingly gets lost with all that we have to offer.

This “green” herbal multi-purpose product was originally an anti-fungal cream designed for athlete’s feet.  When reports were shared from the field of all the many useful ways this product was being used – they changed it’s name!!

many thanks to marlene for sharing all of these sales leader and customer testimonies.

This minty fresh, mentholated cream is especially formulated for rough, dry, and chapped skin.  It softens and comforts calloused hands and feet.  It has no greasy residue.


FACE…..for acne, skin rashes, pimples, blackheads, sunburn

LIPS…..for chapped, dry lips, canker sores, cracks at corners of the mouth, cold sores

HAIR….for dandruff, head sores, scaly spots on scalp, perm burns

BACK….for backaches and tightness in neck

HANDS….for chapped, dry hands, warts, rashes, detergent burns, cuticles, hangnails

FEET….for athletes’ foot, planters’ warts, warts, corns, calluses, rashes, foot cramps, tired aching feet, bruises, blisters

LEGS….for charley horses, cramps, aching muscles, dry skin, rashes, cuts, bruises

BOTTOMS….for diaper rash, hemorrhoids, vaginal infections

SHAVING CREAM….Add some water to cream. Gives clean, smooth, cool shave

PSORIASIS….Relieves redness, itching and inflammation

HOT PEPPER HANDS….Relieves burning and soreness caused by hot peppers.

HEADACHES….Rub on temples and forehead. Helps relieve ache.

DIAPER RASH….Has eliminated this problem in many infants.  Our deodorant cream also works great! Who knew!

ACNE…. Amazing results

WARTS….Has a tremendous healing effect and you can eliminate warts if you apply Herbal Blend to the area twice a day CONSISTANTLY!!  It may take several weeks but eventually you will notice a separation around the perimeter of the wart and it will fall off leaving a crater like hole in the skin. Keep applying the Herbal Blend and the area will heal and fill in with new tissue.

(this bloggy author has use this cream for this concern many times.)

CHICKEN POX….Applied at onset, pox marks heal quickly and disappear.

The above are not product claims…rather they are results that some people have experienced!

It is important for people to understand that because there are so many different herbal and botanical ingredients in this terrific product, it has dozens and dozens of uses, Hence the name– Herbal Multi-Purpose Cream.

More Testimonies:

George Harmon, is a plumber. He gets a lot of those painful cracks in the skin around is finger nails. He dabs on some of the Herbal Cream at night and wraps with a band-aid and by the next day the painful cracks have already healed! It’s a great healing product!

Source removed by request :  Hello Everyone, [The Herbal Menthol Cream] is a marvelous product and has brought relief to literally thousands of customers.  My husband has a form of MD which is called CMT (Charcot-Marie-Tooth) after the Doctors that discovered this form of MD. It is characterized by a decrease in muscle and nerves in the extremities i.e. hands and feet. However, he has halted the progression of this disease by using a combination of supplements, exercise and chiropractic treatment.  Among the things that he does twice a day is apply the Herbal Blend Multi-Purpose Cream to his feet.  I am speaking on behalf of both ourselves and our many customers who depend on it.

Hi Everyone, I want to tell you about my favorite Personal Care item ever. HERBAL BLEND MULTI-PURPOSE CREAM. This product has been around for over 30 years.

I have placed uses for this amazing product below. These are all uses that I or our patients have personally experienced.

Takes the heat and redness out of bad spider bites overnight.

Takes the itch out of insect bites.

Heals burns faster than any product on the market.

Removes some moles. Must use diligently and cover with band aide.

Heals hemorrhoids internally and externally.  Preparation H doesn’t hold a candle to our Herbal Cream!

Heals paper cuts.

Heals any cut better than any cream on the market.

Keeps hands from chapping in the winter.  Put Herbal Cream on your hands and then add a good lotion to seal in the moisture.

A much better first aid cream than what you buy in the drug store.
Safe for children.

Stops yeast infections if you apply soon enough.

Works better on cold sores than the $20.00 prescription drugs or the over-the-counter drugs. Combine this with L-Lysine tablets from your health food store and your cold sore will not get large and will disappear amazingly fast. You must re-apply frequently through the day.

Great for various skin conditions.

And, of course – it works great on your feet.

When you receive your tube please take the time to read the amazing long list of herbs listed in the ingredients.

This is one of the most remarkable herbal products on the market today. If you were to buy a product like this on the shelf of a health food store I am certain it would be a double-digit price. The only reason this product is offered at this amazing low price is because the research was done so long ago. This is a product our family never wants to be without.

the driest of skin — an elephant flickr image credit

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  1. Aurelie Ward says:

    I would appreciate it very much if you remove my name from your website immediately. I am also a Shaklee Business Leader

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