How Are You Celebrating Earth Hour?

What are you doing THIS  Saturday night?


THIS  Saturday March 24th at 8:30 PM we are turning off all of our non-essential electricity in honor of Earth Hour.

I wish I could invite you all over to my house.

We’d twinkle the place with candlelight, enjoy a glass of wine and have some wonderfully stimulating conversation.

I’d especially enjoy if we could then share all that we spoke about with all of those we know and care about and cultivate a plan to step up own individual or collective efforts regarding global warming.

You can participate however in your very own way, by shutting it all down for just one hour.

Give pause, give commentary, or give your neighbor a hug, however it all works out, let it be a kumbaya moment, let it be 60 minutes of peace and harmony.

Let it simply be dark.

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2 Responses to How Are You Celebrating Earth Hour?

  1. Marcia says:

    Tonight we’re playing Yahtzee with friends and family…with lots of food and drinks.
    Be safe and have fun!

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