Worms Are Good For The Soil And Eating!

This slice of life wiglet of a story was inspired by the above photograph, which was taken by the brilliant and ever so amazing photographer Robyn of Birdznest Photography.

Once upon a time it was spring. We were digging in our great grand earth to prepare for yet another year of gardening. Digging with young ones around, as many of you know can offer a challenge or two. That particular year my son was five and his precocious sister was two.  I seemingly was the only mom on the block that was actively engaging the kids in gardening.  All the kids from the neighborhood were in our yard and I loved being the house on the block that drew the kids over.

It happened to be an amazing day for finding earth worms.  It had rained and the soil was perfect for working with your hands.  Whenever one of the kids found a worm I’d say, “AWESOME !”

I’d further explain the value of worms for the soil.  The kids of course could care less, they started talking about fat worms vs skinny worms.  Important stuff.  They even decided to make a worm pile so we could pick the best ones for our garden. The idea for a worm pile idea didn’t last very long, the boys started to put worms down the girls shirts.  Especially, the fat ones. More important stuff.  A lot of squealing prevailed.

I overheard one kid say matter of factly that birds eat worms.   I thought to myself oh my gosh I hope no one starts eating worms. Only to glance ever so quickly at my lovely two yr old.

She was standing in the middle of the yard with her mouth WIDE open.  Her silly tongue was wagging.

She was  swinging the fattest worm ever known to motherkind from her fingertips.

She looked me straight in the I got you mom eyes and swallowed the darn thing whole.

I think I screamed.

Actually I know I screamed as did all the kids in the yard.

She never even blinked.

Heck – it’s protein right????

Tastes like chicken?

Got a story that’s a slice of life?

I’d love for you to share it.

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