Nutritional Approach To Your Spring Allergies

Marching into Spring, for many means marching straight into allergy season – specifically pollen. Our approach is prevention and to be prepared. Winter has taken it’s toll on our immunity – it’s time now to get out the nutritional tool box and do a bit of rebuilding.

Allergies: The Nutritional Approach.

Do you or anyone you know suffer from allergies? We want to help!

Consider working with your allergies naturally! There are three approaches we recommend: Re-building the immune system, reducing inflammation, and creating a non-toxic environment. We are the leading nutritional company, with a 50 year history, based in science, research and creating products in “Harmony with Nature”. Experience a difference, and you will, or your money back.

Certain nutrients benefit the immune system. When the body is in crisis, it is important to “feed” the immune system at the cellular level. Unfortunately we can’t do that any more with diet alone, supplementation is key. Our nutrients have been tested for absorption, and are bio-available. What that means is that they are absorbed into the blood stream.

We begin with a core nutritional supplement program, which may include Soy Protein and a Multi-Vitamin, (also known as nutritional insurance, our multi vitamin fills in the gaps that are often missing in our diet.) We then add Vitamin C, Beta-Carotene, and Vitamin E…these are nutrients that specifically support the immune system. This begins the rebuilding process. Vitamin C is very healing. Beta-Carotene is essential for the strength of mucousal membranes, a.k.a. your “inner skin”. Vitamin E has an affinity for oxygen. All of these are nutrients work together to protect against free radicals. We even have a proprietary blend of nutrients that support the immune system all in one tablet, for those who want to reduce the number of pills they take. Our Beta-Carotene now includes 5 top Caratonoids the next generation of Carotenes found in the pigment of brightly colored fruits and vegetables.
Naturopathic Physician Diane Petoskey says that allergies can be caused by an abnormal immune response or, surprisingly by poor digestion and a toxic lower intestine, secondary to an overgrowth of Candida yeasts and pathogenic bacteria: she highly recommends friendly bacteria – to prevent antibiotic problems, and to enhance and improve immune function. Our friendly bacteria product is the only one that guarantees live delivery of Bifidus and Acidophilus.

Secondly, those with allergies often experience inflammation. The “itis” of sinusitis, bronchitis and so on means inflammation of the sinus’s or bronchia. The medical and drug approach to reducing inflammation is known for it’s many side affects. We have found that certain nutrients reduce inflammation naturally. GLA is an essential fatty acid found in plant seed oils, such as evening primrose oil or borage seed. GLA has been found to control acute and chronic inflammation. Our GLA comes from borage seed oil which is 3 times more concentrated than that from evening primrose oil. EPA is another natural anti-inflammatory sourced from fish oil. Vitamin C also reduces inflammation. Magnesium, something American’s are 80% deficient in, is especially effective at relaxing bronchia tissue and it also has been demonstrated to reduce the histamine response.
There are also herbs that benefit those who have allergies. It is important here to note the purity, potency and the quality control of our medicinal herbs. Unfortunately, in the industry there is no federal regulation, recent studies have shared that there is often misrepresentation in the labeling in “health food store products” especially with herbs. All of our products go through a complex and stringent raw materials check, are manufactured at pharmaceutical grade and they are tested once again after they are manufactured for bioavailabilty. This remarkable rigor is unheard of in the industry.

A few recommended herbs include: Alfalfa as a natural decongestant. Echinacea a native american herb as an immune system booster, Garlic has a profound history and is naturally anti-bacterial, fungal, viral and reduces inflammation too. Gingko-biloba assists circulation. Seemingly those with allergy related asthma find great benefit from this medicinal herb.

The third area we have had dramatic results with is cleaning up your personal environment. A person with allergies may be even more sensitive to toxins than others. There is no reason to use laundry or household products that could aggravate your condition. We have a complete line of environmentally safe, phosphate free cleaning and laundry products.

Some other things to consider: Purify your indoor air with the latest and most innovative technology. There is a difference between air filtration and air purifcation – it’s the teeniest of microns that cause havoc in the body. Our technology reduces three major forms of air pollution: odors, microbes and particulate matter.

Remember that your body is 70% water…consider water as another vital nutrient…by purifying your water you contribute greatly to your health and well being.

the natural beauty of pollen captured flickr image credit

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