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The Goslings Have Hatched!

my daughter captured this shot At the park nearby were several families of new goslings! I have way too many images as they were just the cutest things ever! I’ll let this one image be the token adorableness here. Love … Continue reading

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Death By Teflon.

I remember the first teflon skillet my mom bought.  It had rules.  We were never supposed to use metal utensils when preparing food in it.  Or  immerse the pan while hot into cold water.  It was officially the skillet we made eggs in.  … Continue reading

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Breathe Any Petroleum Lately?

In addition to sharing the natural approaches to health via nutritional supplementation, I devote additional advocacy to the wellness of this planet. There are many substances around us which can affect a person’s behavior and ability to focus and learn.  Some … Continue reading

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Have I Thanked You Lately For The Trees

  Sept 2011 – our tremendous green heroine – Wangari Maathai passes after battling cancer. Hey Mother Earth — You are unfolding before my very eyes these recent days, trees that were bare weeks ago are now feathering with potential … Continue reading

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When Was The Last Time You Offset Your Personal Carbon?

If it’s been awhile perhaps it’s time to offset your personal carbon! This is the carbon calculator that I use It looks at your emission sources things like electricity and natural gas it can look at your annual usage personally … Continue reading

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Do The Companies You Purchase From Have A CSO?

Do the companies you purchase from, especially companies that tout their greenness, have a CSO? What’s that? A CSO is a Chief Sustainability Officer. My company has one!! Why do corporations have CSO’s? Because they are up to stuff sustainably. … Continue reading

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Late Evening Barn

photograph by karen hanrahan I took this on a road trip last weekend. I just love the crooked whatever that thing is called on the top.

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