May The Bunny Be With You

I saved this picture a long time ago.

It pleases my very hippoty-hoppity heart.

I forgot to save the link to credit whoever took it – I so apologize.

I admit that I saved it quickly and in a moment of oh my gosh this is adorable glee.

Someone who loves bunnies captured this image and I appreciate you – whoever you are.

The bunny for me represents spring.

Spring in the natural re-awakening mother earthy kindof way.

Yes — things bud, birds come out from nowhere and the sun shines ever so brightly, but bunnies leaping speaks ever so much more to the utter yipeee of spring.

Growing up under our back yard stoop we had a family of bunnies.  In the winter I loved looking for the elongated foot tracks they’d leave in the snow and the comical pea like pellets of poop they’d leave behind.

I have no idea why their poop cracked me up, but it did.

Each Spring a new crop of baby bunnies would be born.  The cuteness factor of which I could hardly stand.

When I I moved to my teeny tiny townhouse in 1996 a rather large bunny lived nearby.

Whenever I returned home that grand old rabbit would be standing somewhere just waiting for me.

I took it as a welcome home gesture.

I wanted to be sure you returned home safe – thank goodness you’re back kindof waiting.

I always said to myself, thanks for watching over me.

I have to say nine out of ten times upon returning to my townhouse that bunny was waiting for me.

I have had a bunny watching over me and my family at some level ever since.  Each time one sits waiting for us I am sure to pause and think hey thanks we’re back and I am glad your making sure we are OK.

I really do believe that nature watches out for all of us.  Even in crisis, even with all the abuse we have bestowed on our planet – it still gives back.

We are so tremendously blessed.

My post for this weekend extends to you the very same giggle that both of these leaping bunny pictures evoke for me.

May the bunny be with you.

lovely artisan paints with bunny theme – this one in a moon leap – flickr image credit

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