Why A Bike Will Change My Life.

I about fell off my chair this morning while reading the Sunday paper.   The headline said

“Annual Bike Changes Lives Event is back…”

The event they are speaking about is the 6th annual McLean County Wheelers Bikes Change Lives Bike Give-A-Way

I have seriously been imagining a way to get a bike…

and look here is a potential opportunity!!

Below was my submission:

Why A Bike Will Change My Life

Oh my goodness, how I’ve loved my bikes. I proudly saved for half the price of my first bike, a gold speckled brown three speed in the 6th grade. I became bike queen of the neighborhood that summer. Everywhere I went I was on that bike!  My mom sold that bike at a garage sale while I was away at college. Can you imagine? Later, I saved bits of grocery money for two years to purchase a bicycle, and enthusiastically toted my toddler on a roaring red touring bike.  We averaged five to ten miles a day in a neighborhood that was full of traffic, yet I felt like a bike queen there too! My son, a child of routine, would recite the landmarks of our ride as we went.  How I loved our time together on that bike. Unfortunately, my bike was stolen for drug money by my brother.  I have a great family, don’t I?

Fast forward many years and I am now an empty nester, and a new first time home owner in the Bloomington community.  I absolutely love it here. My life challenges have been many, most recent a three year car accident recovery that had me severely sprain my back and neck, and lose use of my right hand. Now I celebrate one year past a surgery that has given me my hand back. I am absolutely ready to challenge myself physically.  I walk the constitution trail and the paths at Miller Park, but am enchanted by the idea of cycling that trail. I feel that walking doesn’t give me the cardio I need. Riding a bike would definitely do that! Being green minded, I’d love to also ride to the farmers market, my business networking meetings and more.

The truth is I just don’t have the funds to purchase a bicycle right now.  I have to say I gasped today when I saw the headline:  annual bike changes lives event is back, because I have been asking the few folks I know here if there was a bike lurking in their garages or basements un-used.  I love the synchronicity and the generosity of the McLean County Wheelers Give-Away. Your personal bicycling story Scott is such an inspiration, I hope that mine can be too! Thank you ever so much for the opportunity to submit.


Karen Hanrahan

Blog: Best Of Mother Earth


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