Does Your Organization Have A Green Fundraiser?

This fundraising idea is my own green diddy diddy idea

It’s an idea that has been used very successfully in fundraising past

It’s a grass roots idea in that it fosters community involvement, involves some rallying, some educating and some enrolling

the organization has to really want to create change

I supply the product, the information and the strategies

I donate the profits to your organization

Here’s the proposal:

Take your basic all purpose green product

( perhaps this one , now celebrating 50 years, might fit the occasion – she says giggling greenly )

offer it to a population as a green fundraiser

a population could be your church, your school, your scouts, your company, your neighborhood

educate why it’s cool
why it’s green
how it benefits each families home
how it benefits the planet

educate why it’s profitable for the organization

establish a fundraising goal

sell one per family/person at retail pricing

Let’s say the goal is 1000 families.  I will give you $4 /per bottle sold = $4000

$4000 is a nice bit of green fundraising – in earthy greenness and in green cash!!

Cost per family is approx $ 23.00

12.15  buys 48 gallons of green clean – 48 GALLONS
I suggest adding 9.10 more to set each family up with ease of dispensing tools  – 3 spray bottles with labels, and squeeze bottle for dripping

( detail : to make a window solution one needs to add a single drop to 16 oz of water.  Talk about concentrated! )

add a bit of sales tax in there and again it’s approximately $23.00 per purchase

meet your fundraising goal by 50% and I will treat your organization to half the shipping, how’s that for an incentive?

product is shipped direct to your organization

This is win/win fundraiser.

It is earth and cause oriented.

While it may be a push to purchase, the return in more families cleaning green is very powerful.  It is very easy to see and participate in the results.  The product is undeniably useful.  It won’t melt in your hands, won’t add to the pile of wrapping paper you already have or have you buy anything you don’t really need

Pretty cool – huh??

Is this an idea that appeals to you or your organization ?

If so,  I’d love to help make your green fundraiser a success.

Let’s green-a-gize! ( a mother earth-ism for strategize in a greenly kindof way)

P.S.  Need any additional green fundraising ideas Anna over at GreenTalk shared them with me — these are way cool.  Thanks Anna!

cross the bridge to spring flickr image credit

How do you celebrate Earth Day?
If you’re not cleaning green – what’s stopping you?

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