My Favorite Basic H Story

The story below and the example I am about to share is strictly personal and not a Basic H use endorsed by my company.

In the late 90’s I got a call from the local zoo. The head pachyderm caretaker had been told that the San Diego Zoo had been using  Basic H to successfully wash their elephants!  He had heard that Basic H was plant sourced, something that rinsed well, that was very economical and mostly something that didn’t cause itching.  Nothing worse than an itchy pachyderm.

He thought Basic H would be perfect!

I had the opportunity to meet the trainers and their three elephants and create a “Elephant Basic H Usage Sheet”

Unfortunately the folks that actually made the purchasing decision were indifferent. They stuck with udder butter which actually made the elephants itch like mad.  Too bad huh?  I would have loved to have had that account!!

( back then Basic H was made from Soy, now it’s Basic H2 made from Corn and double it’s concentration.  It is recommended for non-porous surfaces only)

Elephant Basic H Usage Sheet

Measure 1 T of  Basic H per gallon into washing container.

Too avoid over sudsing,  pour water first then add H.

Tap water to the exact temperature.

Locate filthy pachyderm.

Spray vegetables to remove pesticide residue (1 tsp. per 32oz spray)

Utilize one zookeeper to feed.

Two to bathe.

Wet creature with hose.

Encourage tricks …kneel and crouch.

Use mega nylon brushes,  slather with Basic H and water solution.

Note the wonderful lather!

When pedicure is needed apply concentrate directly to nails,

Front feet this week, back next.

Note the softening and ease of clipping.


Note the ease of which Basic H rinses off.

Down the drain…completely biodegrades.

Pollution Solution.

Happy Elephants.

Ever see an 11,000-lb. itchy elephant?

Not any more!!

Concentrate H on hands prior to dirty jobs…creating an invisible glove  and ease of clean up.

Applied full strength will keep insects away.

flickr image credit

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