Do The Companies You Purchase From Have A CSO?

Do the companies you purchase from, especially companies that tout their greenness, have a CSO?

What’s that?

A CSO is a Chief Sustainability Officer.

My company has one!!

Why do corporations have CSO’s?

Because they are up to stuff sustainably.

As a matter of fact our company was the very first in the world to achieve climate nuetral certification.

The very first in the entire world!  How impressive!

Jil Zilligen, our CSO,  is also very impressive!

Jil Zilligen has more than twenty years of experience creating and implementing sustainability, corporate responsibility, and education programs in both the for-profit and the social change sectors.  She is Chief Sustainability Officer at our company, where she is responsible for developing and implementing corporate social responsibility and sustainability strategies and partnerships.

Prior, Ms. Zilligen was Chief Sustainability Officer at Nau, Inc., where she helped build a brand, product line and customer experience that minimized negative environmental impacts, maximized equity for all, and set new benchmarks for sustainability, corporate responsibility, and philanthropy.  Ms. Zilligen was also founding Executive Director of 1% For the Planet as well as Vice President of Environmental Initiatives at Patagonia, Inc., where she spent nine years developing and overseeing key programs that defined the values and corporate culture of the company.

Ms. Zilligen was named one of 25 Creative Visionaries by Time Magazine in 2007. She was an inaugural Catto Fellow with The Aspen Institute (2007-2009), an inaugural fellow in the National Committee on US China Relations’ Young Leaders Forum (2002-2004), and has served on numerous boards including the Conservation Alliance.

Nice listings of our company in the news regarding our Climate Neutral Certification

We are listed with the organization Climate Counts – see what other companies take on their sustainabilty!

We have a long history of environmental achievements!

Who would you like to purchase responsibly from?

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