Breathe Any Petroleum Lately?

In addition to sharing the natural approaches to health via nutritional supplementation, I devote additional advocacy to the wellness of this planet.

There are many substances around us which can affect a person’s behavior and ability to focus and learn.  Some affects are believed to be transient and some are known to be permanent.

Obvious examples of substances include:

heavy metals such as lead, mercury and cadmium
alcohol of all types
drugs – both legal and illegal
solvents and glues, such as airplane glue

and then there is petroleum.


Who thinks about petroleum, except when we fill our gas tanks?    Few people are aware that thirty seven percent of the crude oil used in the United States goes into the manufacturing of other products with which we come in contact everyday.

Derivatives of petroleum and crude oil are in our clothing, cosmetics, shampoos, detergents, perfumes, paints, plastics, pesticides, and – most significant of all, our FOOD.

We eat, breathe, and surround ourselves with the by-products of crude oil every day.

Some of us have a hard time coping with these powerful substances.

Like our kids.

Let’s take a look at the typical morning of a young boy with ADD as he gets ready for school…

(Every substance which is likely to be an irritant for a chemically-sensitive person is noted with an *.)

He wakes up between sheets, which have been exposed to scented fabric softening strips*. He walks down the hall on new carpeting*, which still retains the smell of the chemicals used in it’s manufacture. An air freshener* adorns the bathroom and complete with scented soap* and scented tissue*. The tub has been cleaned with a miracle spray* and the scented chlorine* clings to the tile floor. His toothpaste is green*.

Breakfast is a bowl of sugar frosted grains* and synthetically colored marshmallow bits*.    All are treated with the preservative BHA* hidden within the added vitamin A. What looks like juice is a blend of water, sugar, and synthetic dyes*, plus artificial orange flavoring*.

An artificially colored, sweetened and flavored vitamin* tops off the meal.   If Jeremy is having one of his frequent ear infections, his mother adds a spoonful of bright pink bubble-gum flavored medicine*.  He grabs his homemade lunch that mom has prepared*** or puts his lunch money in hip pocket for the lovely flavorful meal served at his school******, runs past the fragrant potpourri*, out the door across the lush green lawn – treated with powerful pesticides* – across the newly paved asphalt* street.

He has forgotten his homework (for the third time this week) get agitated easily, has trouble focusing all the time and Jeremy’s mother wonders why her son simply can’t get his act together.

*denotes chemical or toxin exposure

sourced and rewritten from something someone shared with me via email

Shifting your lifestyle takes time and a commitment.

Start with cleaning green.

Replace your everyday personal care products with safer alternatives.

Eat clean. Organic. Shop local. Eat seasonally. Eat for health not for taste and convenience.

Stop purchasing petroleum derived products.

plastic utensils flickr image credit

How do you celebrate Earth Day?
If you’re not cleaning green – what’s stopping you?

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  1. Melody says:

    Love your blog, Karen!

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