Bev Edgerton The Realtor

Below is an original poem regarding friendship by Realtor Bev Edgerton.

Bev has wiggled herself into my heart.  She’s someone who took to me immediately when I first moved here.  It didn’t take me to long to observe that she had earned a strong positive  reputation here or that she is a profound networker.  As a matter of fact, in addition to real estate she teaches others how to network effectively!  Past that,  Bev absolutely loves to sell houses!!

Recently, shared with us this lovely poem. I felt compelled to share it.  I am absolutely delighted to be part of her memory garden!


Among the fairest flowers

In a garden, rainbow hued,

Grows a precious little rose bud

Blushing with the kiss of dew.

When other flowers fade and fall,

Fulfilling their destiny,

This precious little rose bud blooms,

One step beyond ecstasy.

It has its thorns, the same as all,

Rustic red on a slender stem,

Yet they go unnoticed, it’s beauty

Far exceeds its briary hem.

This rose can never wilt or fade,

By love’s own breath it’s set apart.

Its name is Friendship, and it grows

In the memory garden of my heart.

An original poem by

Bev Edgerton

Bev Edgerton

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