Pregnant? Take Your Vitamins!

This week its all about pregnancy and nutritional supplementation!

Everyone knows that caloric intake rises while pregnant.  Our nutritional needs rise enormously too. It’s common sense to increase ones consumption of fruits and vegetables, choose low-fat, high quality sources of protein such as chicken, fish, beans and legumes. It is also highly recommended to add high quality nutritional supplements to enhance and insure the health of both the mother and child.

Not all nutritional supplement products are the same. I am very particular about the products I share with my clients and choose only one company’s products.  Why? The answer is scientific integrity. Each and every supplement is actually bioavailable—meaning it breaks down, enters your blood steam and ultimately goes to the cell where life’s energy processes begin.  This gets results for my clients.  Over and over the quality shines through.  This company sets extraordinary standards for raw materials and finished products.  They tests every incoming raw material batch to confirm that its stringent product specifications have been met and they do numerous tests on its finished product to insure that what is listed on the label is actually in the tablet or capsule.  This is hugely important to me.  The products I am recommending to you are the industry leader in conducting and publishing clinical research.   Proudly I have adopted their mission of Creating Healthier Lives, as I think it describes best what it is that I do.

Below are recommendations utilizing high quality nutritional supplements for an expectant mother. Other supplement companies may not invest money into the testing of their products and may contain harmful contaminants that would not be advisable for a growing fetus. Please do your research before taking large quantities of supplements from other manufacturers.

most of this information below are excerpts from Nutritionist Barbara Lagoni’s Writings – thank you!

Barb has mentored me forever.  Sure wish I knew her or about supplements when I was pregnant.

Why Supplement During Your Pregnancy?

For basic nutritional insurance – healthier, brighter, non-colicky babies and ease of delivery

Where to begin:

A high quality multi-vitamin – if you do anything – do at least this.

Specific prenatal nutrient suggestions:

B-Complex – Patented folic acid coating makes this nutrient more available for absorption by the body

Soy Protein – For added protein (easily digested and utilized by the body) and for increased energy (Incidence of gestational diabetes is lower because of protein.)

Fish Oil
– 1st and last trimester is when fetal brain development occurs

Friendly Bacteria– helps with the absorption of food and supplements, brings remarkable benefits to the colon

Senna – helps with constipation and detoxifies the blood – take when needed and start with only one right before bed

Calcium – a natural muscle relaxer – helps relieve labor pains ( calcium is drawn from mother to child )

Natural remedies during your Pregnancy:

Morning Sickness – Soy Protein shakes before bed, or right when you wake up along with B Complex helps (nausea is due to low blood sugar levels)

Nausea/Upset Stomach/Heartburn – peppermint ginger tea and chewable calcium

Prevent Toxemia our natural laxative, zinc, soy protein, our hydration product, B Complex and Calcium/Magnesium

Fluid Rentention/Swollen Ankles – alfalfa ( natural diuretic), our hydration product, exercise, water and soy protein

Leg Cramps/ Back Aches – Calcium/Magnesium, Vitamin E

Birth Defects/Late Delivery/Difficult Labor – Zinc

Varicose Veins – Vitamin E ( important for circulation )

Increased Energy – Soy Protein, B Complex

Prevent Stretchmarks – Vitamin C

Excessive Hair Loss or Acne post birth – Saw Palmetto, Zinc

additional information about the healing mineral zinc

Stop Breasts from Lactating – apply green cabbage leaves to breast area  – break cabbage leaf veins first with a heavy can ) and wear inside your bra – high sulfur halts milk production

For an Easier delivery and Faster Recovery Dr. Shantha Sutton OB/GYN recommends:

Labor chewable calcium– helps ease contractions – calcium relaxes muscles

Bleeding or Hemmorrhaging in Laboralfalfa ( contains a natural form of Vitamin K )

Recovery after Birthour muscle repair product, designed to repair muscle tissue after strenuous exercise or strain from surgery or labor

Who do you know that could benefit from this information?
Are you pregnant and seeking quality supplements for your pregnancy?
May I be of assistance?  I’d absolutely love to help.

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