Is It Hot In Here Or Is It Menopause?

This Menopause Herbal Cooling Cream is affectionately known as “hot flash cream”.

Are you a woman who experiences dramatic skin temperature fluctuations ?

This cream contains a proprietary, synergistic blend of more than a dozen natural herbs including black cohosh, soy isoflavones, evening primrose extract, flaxseed, and jojoba seed oils.

Massage it onto your neck and chest and then breathe in the aroma from your hands . The aromatherapy helps constrict blood vessels in the nasal passage sending cooling signals to the brain.


Note .. this product has no progesterone, which is listed in California as a potential cancer-causing agent.

Great for PMS also!

Conveniently packaged to fit into your purse.  One might need one for your car,  your night stand,  your office desk drawer,  your gym bag …. hooked up to an IV!!

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