Artist Matthew Tannebaum

I was gifted this delightful AP “intaglio” print by IWU graduate Matthew Tannebaum.   He and my daughter went to grade school together.  She felt this piece in particular would go with my house!   It’s true.  It fits right in!!  Matthew majored in Music – with a voice concentration and minored in Art. He sang in IWU’s Collegiate Choir w/ my Kate and he is on his way to earning  a Masters in Architecture! Wow!

“Esmeralda”  Intaglio Print by Matthew Tannebaum

I asked him a few questions about himself and his work.

Tell me about this print! The print – The genre of print is “intaglio” which is when an image is “incised into a surface or a plate” (wikipedia). Basically this image was created by applying a ‘hard ground’ to the surface of a zinc plate that protected the plate from the acid bath. I then hand drew the image into the hard ground, exposing the metal plate underneath. Thus when I placed it in the acid bath, the plate was etched in the exposed area leaving a place for the ink to gather. (This is actually my very first attempt at intaglio and this is the very first print I ever made of that plate – it’s since undergone a few modifications to improve the quality of the image. The AP to the left underneath the image stands for artist’s proof!)

What are your interests and future studies? Going to Syracuse University this fall for a Master in Architecture. I love interior design, technology, cooking, pop culture, fine dining, traveling, playing tennis, contemporary art and music.

Any quirks? I love to judge a restaurant by how their bathroom’s are designed.  Favorites are Mad Cow in Sydney, Australia, TRU in Chicago, IL, and RL (Ralph Lauren Restaurant) in Chicago, IL.  Number one travel destination and on the top of my list is Dubai, UAE.

May I have a picture of you? OK Matthew said – but it’s cheesy

Do you have a site w/ images of other works ? Matthew Tannenbaum

Matthew says if anyone is interested in contacting him they can at mltannenbaum ( at )

All of his prints/drawings are available for purchase!!!

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