Epiphany Farms

These young ambitious individuals  participate in our farmers market.

Their booth last weekend had quite a bit of hum surrounding it.

Their plan within our fine community however is much much more than hum

As a matter of fact their “plan” really impresses me.

Imagine creating your restraunt following a full year before it opens!  I think it’s brilliant.

I was first introduced to the farm and fork concept,  gee I want to say over 10 yrs ago – it was a place outside new york, gosh – I so wish I  still had the article.

I remember being moved by the uniqueness of the concept – its organic intentionality ( so ahead of its time ) and the photographic imagery was remarkable

Upon first reading about Epiphany Farms I thought – hmmm how is that going to fly all the way out here?

After reading this more in depth Chicago Tribune article my skepticism completely shifted.

There work is truly filled with vision, food artistry, earthy passion and I bet some really terrific stories!

I so adore this picture of the four of them!!

I am also ever so happy for the enthusiastic press they have received!

taken by Zbigniew, Bzdak  Chicago Tribune/April 8th

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