The Burger In A Danish Article

Memorial Day Weekend 2010

The Burger found its way to a Danish article .

3800 hits!!


Anyone care to tell me what this article says??

Translate it  here – Thanks for the translation link Virgil of Fusion Brew

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3 Responses to The Burger In A Danish Article

  1. Mikkel Sandorff says:

    The translation from the Danish articile:

    When you put teeth into a hamburger from McDonalds, you know in advance how it will taste. There is no hitch: a McDonalds burger is a McDonalds burger that tastes the same way every time. And some suggest that it also looks like it should – regardless of whether it is an hour or 12 years old. It claims the U.S. blogger Karen Hanrahan anyway. 12 years old burger similar to themselves. She says that she has kept a hamburger from junk food-chain, which describes itself as a family restaurant, since 1996. That in itself is strange, but what is even more remarkable is that the burger is neither faded or gone into decay. In addition, the blogger claims that she has not done anything to preserve it. It has just been in a plastic container. See 12 years old hamburger here. Karen Hanrahan writes on her blog that she saved the burger to get parents to give their children better food. – Note that it looks completely like the day I bought it. Spots on top burger are crumbs from the burger. Burg driver has started to curl slightly. It has the strangest smell, writes the blogger

    Best to you. regards from denmark. / Mikkel

  2. Taylen says:

    almost sounds like they don’t believe you! must be pretty big mac’s fans or something… congrats on getting noticed there though! hittin’ the big time! 🙂

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