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Which Laundry Brands Carry 1,4-Dioxane

David Steinman is a hero of mine,  one of his books Diet For A Poisoned Planet influenced me greatly in the late 80’s and is something I reference when I teach my Healthy Choices For Children Workshop. (NaturalNews) One of … Continue reading

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Summer Fluffy White Cloud Day

One excellent barometer for an absolutely perfect summer day is the blueness of the sky and the fluffiness of the clouds. When combined and viewed from an especially thick patch of grass laying flat on your back (that’s what I did … Continue reading

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Green Hummus

taken by karen hanrahan made another batch of homemade hummus to make it green i added fresh basil and parsley from my very own garden YUM

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Tea Cups

the tea cup above was taken on my most recent trip it’s a favorite of my girlfriends deceased mom – her mom absolutely loved the color yellow below is a piece I took for a flickr photo slideshow that I … Continue reading

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another I got lost barn image

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Recyclable Dryer Sheets!

Did you know that in the emergency room there is an actual term for the rash caused by typical dryer sheets known as “Bounce Blush”? ( this just horrifies me ) Natural Health Magazine featured a small blurb on dryer … Continue reading

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Cholesterol Lowered Naturally!!

Thought I’d share some great news I received from a client yesterday — she has a strong genetic disposition to heart disease in her family.  Thinking preventatively, she lost weight, a great start,  but she was still struggling with the … Continue reading

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Marketing Or Borrowed Science?

Dr. Stephen Chaney, PhD is part of our illustrious field team. His credentials include: BS in Biophysics Duke PHD, Biochemistry UCLA Prof Biochemistry & Biophysics in Dept of Nutrition, UNC Chapel Hill teaches Med Students. Runs an active Cancer Research … Continue reading

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You Taking A Quality Multi-Vitamin?

Once upon a time there was a food guide pyramid, in it’s wisdom the guide said that if you eat like this every single day you will have all the nutrients you need to be healthy. If. In review: You … Continue reading

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Belly Buttons

Today my daughter drove herself to her camp counselor job at Blue Lake Fine Arts Camp.  It’s a rather long drive and we have always always done it together. I am grateful for texting, so she could tell me when … Continue reading

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