The Athletic Edge

Summer is a Great Time for Sports Nutrition Products

Are you exercising more now that it’s summer?
Perhaps casually;  on your bike, taking walks, or creating your annual garden?
Maybe you are an amateur athlete in volleyball, baseball leagues or preparing for a tri-atholon?

Sports nutrition products can help hydrate you or relieve those aching, tired muscles.

Not all sports hydration products are created equal!

Some are loaded with artificial sweeteners, food dyes and  high in sodium.

Some have marketing science behind them vs clinical trial science and worst of all many are very trendy if not down right dangerous.

The hydration product I recommend is 67% more effective than Gatorade. We use this beverage alot in the summer time – I even mix it in with diluted juice for excellant homemade popsicles. The team pack designed for 5 gallon containers is an exceptional bargain.

For muscle repair, or basically when you ache all over because you just picked all the thistles in the back yard. Try a product that by design fuels repairs and rebuilds muscle tissue…so that you can go finish that thistle picking again tomorrow. This product helps increase lean body mass and is a safe, effective alternative to steroids.   While excellant during the summer it’s also great after shoveling snow!!

Other uses for a hydration or muscle repair products include delivering a baby, post surgical procedures, or when struck with virus or flu.

Snack Bars. Many on the market are sourced poorly, high in sugar, don’t deliver well to the bloodstream or worst yet taste like cardboard.  A snack bar can be handy dandy energy boost during training or for on the go lifestyles.

We eat these for snacks or we like this one for a 15 gram source of protein when we know we might have to skip a meal or something.

Glucosamine is a well researched nutrient that helps rebuild cartilage. This particular product offers a whopping 1500 mg of glucosamine, without the high sodium chondrotin often found in other brands .

Pain Relief Cream – a friend of mine told me that when she knew she was standing on her feet all day especially working a convention or walking on all cement floors that she would use this cream on her feet. I thought what a great idea!! I also know alot of my athletetic clients  really appreciate the deep liposome delivery.

I enjoy being a resource for all your wellness needs. Those seeking an athletic edge might enjoy my complete sports nutrition information sheet. I’ll  be happy to send it to you.
sculpture in running motion flickr image credit

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