Do Your Popsicles Hydrate?

It’s that time of year when it’s definitely hot enough to enjoy popsicles again. I have always been a tad horrified by those plastic tubes with food dye colored popsicle treats.

Something that turns your mouth blue just doesn’t seem very natural.

The expense of alternative fruit juice pops has always seemed too high.

For years and years we make our own popsicles by combining water diluted fruit juice with a hydration product – today we made orange mango ones!

What makes our popsicles more nutritionally valid is we add a remarkable sports nutrition hydration product .

When it gets this hot, you feel limp.  Electrolytes get lost.  Water is hydrating,  but a quality sports nutrition product hydrates you faster and restores your energy.

The list of high powered and impressive athletes who rely on our sports nutrition for their winning edge is amazing.

The history of the design of this high quality hydration product is pretty darn cool

This product was designed to fuel an athlete on a 72 mile human powered airplane flight over the Agean Sea, called the Flight of the Daedalus.

Comes in delicious orange and lemon lime flavors and a very cost effective sports team pack.

flickr image popsicle stick credit

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