You Taking A Quality Multi-Vitamin?

Once upon a time there was a food guide pyramid, in it’s wisdom the guide said that if you eat like this every single day you will have all the nutrients you need to be healthy.


In review:

You need 5-6 servings of 100% whole grains.

( how many folks do you know that eat this much bread or pasta,  and that all of it is quality whole grain ? )

You need 5 veggies a day.

( celery, iceberg lettuce, mushrooms don’t really count – variety is key, deeply rich in color and substantial vegetables preferred – yesterday I had red pepper, green beans, yellow squash, raw spinach, onions and garlic – organics provide nutrient density and veggies not tainted with chemicals – organic consumption is on the rise and something I am happy to spend my consumer dollars on )

How about you?  Have you had your 5 lately?

3 fruits – every single day.

( Fruits tend to be easy to consume, but are you having 3 every single day?  I had watermelon yesterday.  OOPs I forgot the other 2 servings – whew – good thing I took my high quality multi-vitamin)

Dairy – 3 servings daily.

(This is so we get calcium. We are the most osteoporotic nation in the world – are we really getting enough calcium in our diet ? Through dairy consumption?  I say we are not.)

Protein – meat, poultry, fish and legumes. 3 Servings.

(When was the last time you had legumes? We are a protein deficient nation. Protein ideally should be present at all 3 meals. Most of our protein sources are tainted with heavy metals, anti-biotics and growth hormones. 70% of the antibiotics sold in this country goes into animal feed.  Stop eating, or don’t eat enough in this category and you are missing a very important ingredient needed for cell rebuilding)

Folks just don’t eat the above way each and every day.  If they do, the main stream grocery foods they purchase are tainted, have traveled 3000 miles, have been picked way too early, gassed to ripeness, often they are from other countries and pesticide ridden, They are grown in nutrient depleted soil.  Allergies have eliminated for some entire portions of the food guide pyramid.

What happens to your bones when you don’t eat dairy anymore?

Health experts agree, according to JAMA, Journal of the American Medical Association, every adult should supplement their diet with a high quality multi-vitamin to assure and maintain good health.  Research shows that intake of additional nutrients strengthens the immune system and promotes long term health

I call it daily nutritional insurance.

Our high quality multi-vitamin provides 23 essential vitamins and minerals at clinically proven levels.

Comprehensively it’s the most perfect multi-vitamin on the planet.  No more, no less.

Let’s talk about the typical one a day. You know the one you might be taking now that you picked up at Costco, Target or Walgreens.  Is it complete? Is it petroleum sourced? ( many are- especially the low cost ones – that means they are coal tar derived or are made from the same stuff that paves our streets )  Is it bio-available, meaning does it absorb into the blood stream or is it too compressed ? Most manufacturers push and press way too much into one pill, the one a day concept is for convenience – not for bio-availability, and certainly not for health.

The multi-vitamin product I advocate is a two a day deal, sourced from foods, manufactured with low heat, pressed just enough to tablet, available into the blood stream very efficiently. 2 a day.  That nutritional insurance thing.

Our product has:

5 x more beta carotene
2 x more vita e
2 x more vita c
3 x more selenium
2 x more calcium
6 x more boron
2 x more magnesium
3 x more vita k
10 x more biotin

than any other brand.

The food guide pyramid below is for the native American Indian – it touts more grain – almost double, and shows pictures of deer and rabbit as protein sources, it adds a little cacti for good measure.  I added it here because I think it’s kindof cool, it also teaches where one might find added sugars and fats.

native food guide flickr image credit

There is a completely different food guide pyramid for the elder citizen, it’s emphasis is on water – most seniors don’t drink enough water, dehydration is huge – it insists also in adding B Complex and Vitamin E in the form of a nutritional supplement.

The food guide below is owned by Harvard Medical School, It acknowledges the need for essential fatty acids, it touts the importance of exercise, and weight control, and says to eat red meat, butter, refined grains and sugared drinks sparingly – This food guide pyramid recommends a high quality multi-vitamin,

I personally think adding alcohol in moderation confuses folks. Take your resveratrol instead.

flickr image credit and copyright info

Are you taking a high quality multi-vitamin daily?

Based on the information above would you like to?

Please consider me as a resource for guidance and superior product recommendations.

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2 Responses to You Taking A Quality Multi-Vitamin?

  1. Karen J says:


    You don’t have to ‘approve’ this – but most of your product links in this post, aren’t working right ….

    Hope you’re keeping cool, or at least comfortable!

    Bright Blessings ~ Karen J

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